Feb 132013

PARIS—France’s lower house of parliament approved a sweeping bill on Tuesday (Feb 12, 2013) to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children, handing a major legislative victory to President François Hollande’s Socialists on the divisive social issue.

The measure, approved in the National Assembly in a 329-to-229 vote, puts France on track to join about a dozen mostly European countries that allow gay marriage. It comes despite a string of recent demonstrations by opponents of the so-called “marriage for all” bill.

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British lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill to legalize same-sex marriages in both civil and religious ceremonies on Tuesday.

If the bill becomes law—after more debates and a favourable vote in the House of Lords—Britain will become the 13th country where same-sex marriage is legal (though civil partnerships have been legal there since 2005).



In chronological order, the other 12  countries that have federally legalized same-sex marriage are:

Netherlands – 2001
Belgium – 2003
Canada – 2005
Spain – 2005
South Africa – 2006
Norway – 2008
Sweden – 2009
Argentina – 2010
Portugal – 2010
Iceland – 2010
Brazil – 2011
Denmark – 2012

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