Aug 292013

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Left to right:  Dr. Jody-  Prof. Muhammad, Dr. Shirin, and Archbishop Desmond.

From RFK Centre,  Washinton, D.C in 2012, it was announced that these enlightened humans came out to bring the violation of human rights to LGBTI persons in 78 countries were homosexual acts (even in privacy) can result in imprisonment and often death.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

1984 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
South Africa

Professor Jody Williams
1997 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
United States

Dr. Shirin Ebadi (Lawyer/Judge)
2003 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Iran –

Professor Muhammad Yunus
2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Short notes on these truly enlightened beings:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu:  known for his peaceful solutions to apartheid, amongst other things.

Prof. Jody Williams:  known for her consistent work in ridding places of landminds.

Dr. Shirin Ebadi: Former Judge and Lawyer, known for her human rights activism in Iran.

Prof. Muhannad Yunas:  He started a co-op bank and lent Bangledesh money small loans to commence small businesses.


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