Mar 292015

Unknown Unknown-3 Unknown-4I am sorry if I seem to be insulting Indiana Americans, but this is a lesbian/gay site and I’m supporting the Indiana (and all) LGBT communities.  

Fort Wayne is a wonderful and exciting city.  Many Canadians drive the 172 miles/277 kim down from Windsor. It is worth the drive.  The stores and restaurants are friendly and there are lots of things to do in this city.  A few days ago the Governor of the state of Indiana signed an anti-gay law.  Now, as a lesbian my wife and I can be denied service in Fort Wayne due to our sexual orientation.  If we had a rainbow flag on our backpack or a Pride Toronto t-shirt I could be denied service in a restaurant or store. I just wrote to the tourist office in Fort Wayne stating that we would be giving this state a detour in the future.   Canadian stores and businesses will serve everyone (exception being pubs/restaurants where too much liquor has been consumed and minors asking for cigarettes and booze).  We legalized same-sex marriage in 2005.

Gay Parents

Gay parents by not taking their kids to Fort Wayne will keep their money from Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo.  They will not spend money at a motel or treating their kids to meals.  Canadians are known to buy clothes and shoes which are cheaper in the USA.

Cultural Events Boycotted

As northeastern Indiana’s cultural hub, Fort Wayne is home to 15 museums and art galleries.  The LGBTI will not attend the philharmonic orchestrator the botanical conservatory.  Then there’s the convention centre and many organizations that support their gay employees will also boycott.

Friendly People from Indiana

I would think that the majority of the people living in Indiana are ashamed of this bill.  I remember friendly faces and kind words whenever I entered stores or restaurants.   So, reader, keep those friendly faces in your mind, while I post a picture of those who were invited to the private meeting with the Governor as he signed the bill.

CBB7BK6UgAAFfXcNote that there are Roman Catholic celibate persons in attendance:  seven celibate nuns, four celibate monks and one celibate priest.  The other men dressed in suits I presume are protestant ministers.  Now, please tell me how this issue affects these celibate people?  They are certainly affecting the businesses and jobs of decent non-discriminating people from Indiana.

Fair-minded and non-discriminating businesses need to fight back in Indiana.  Signs must be posted “WE SERVE EVERYONE.”  Indiana must step “up to the plate” and nullify these hate-mongering Christians.


P.S  I wondered how these evangelicals would feel, if say in Europe, there were signs that stated “We don’t serve Americans.”

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