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I’m BIG, be car-ful! LOL


I have always loved elephants.   When I researched for this blog, I was really surprised at the information I found.  I would like to share these facts with you.   paula.

Here are some facts:

-elephants are the largest and heaviest creatures on land.  A male elephant weighs as much as 80 people, 6 cars, 12 large horses or 1,500 cats.

-They are highly intelligent, gentle animals that can also lift up trees with their trunks.

-After humans, elephants are the longest living mammals living to be about 70 years old.

-There are two species: African and Asian

-After giraffes, they are the tallest land animal.  Their trunk is their nose.

-males and females do not live together.  Instead, adult sisters and daughter live in group led by an older female.

-Female elephants look after their young longer than any other animal, except humans.


Asian or African?images-22

-African elephants have longer ears, longer legs, and a more slender body than the Asian elephant.

-Only male Asian elephants have tusks, but both African male and female have tusks.

Table Legs.

-elephant legs are directly underneath their bodies like table legs; leg bones stacking one on top of the other.

Large skulls with air holes?  -a honeycomb of air holes keep the skull light

Left or Right Handed?

-an elephant uses its tusk as humans use their hands.

-a shorted left tusk means that the elephant is “left” tusked or uses this tusk more

-elephants feel pain in their tusks as humans feel in their teeth

-some Asian elephants have pink tusks


-Heart the size of a human child

the heart is 5 times larger than a human heart



-elephants communicate by sound (frequencies so low humans can’t hear them)

-when two elephants meet, they place the tip of their tunks in the other’s mouth as a form of greeting


Did you know that there are desert elephants in Namibia, S.W. Africa


Desert Elephants in Namibia


I hope you enjoyed these facts about these wonderful creatures . They have helped humans as beasts of burden, but they have also taught us about gentleness and family.




Elephants Can Die of a Broken Heart

It turns out that elephants are highly emotional animals. They form close-knit relationships with one another and mourn the loss of loved ones. At times, if a fellow elephant dies, the others in the herd will gather around and pay their respects as if at a funeral.

If a baby elephant loses its mother, it will grieve. The elephant will often become withdrawn and emaciated. Other members of the herd will gather around and nurse the orphan back to life.

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