Aug 252013


As a tomboy growing up, football (soccer) was one of my favorite sports.  I was the only girl playing with the boys.  Many years later, I coached elementary and high school girls’ teams and we were quite successful!  For purposes of these blogs, I was looking on the internet for girls in shorts!  And here it is: The Flying Bats team in beautiful Sydney. Girls, you have picked a beautiful city in which to play.  I lived in Sydney for a year and returned last year to visit friends. I have taken the information from their website. We are a non-profit amateur football club with a non-political agenda. Our primary objective is to ensure the continued existence, success and growth of the club. We also strive to ensure that lesbians in Sydney have a fun and relaxed environment in which to play football and socialise. The club has thrived over the years enjoying phenomenal success and popularity. We are not exclusively lesbian and welcome any women to come and play football.

So where did the name come from?

Originating in Adelaide, The Flying Bats were born when some of the founding members moved to Sydney. The founding members were sitting outside one night wondering what they could call the club when a flock of bats flew across the evening sky – and the name just stuck. As an incorporated association we have a Management Committee who organise and run the club. The Management Committee are all unpaid volunteers who devote their free time to maintaining a safe and enjoyable football experience for all our players, as we all have one common belief – that there should be a Flying Bats Football Club in Sydney!

Our philosophy is very simply:

  • Play football to the best of your ability.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Support your fellow team mates, on and off the pitch.
  • Display good sportswomanship and respect to all players, supporters, opposition teams and official.

As an affiliated club, we are bound by the Code of Conduct as published on the North West Sydney Women’s Football Association web site


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