Feb 022013


two female Saudi Arabians to compete in an Olympic game.  Both women were dressed in conservative Muslim clothing.


Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani returns to Saudi Arabia as the first woman to represent the Kingdom in judo. Her father, a judo referee who said he wanted his daughter to make “new history for Saudi’s women,” is reportedly incensed at conservative Saudis who showered her with racial slurs on Twitter and called her a “prostitute” for participating.

 Sarah Attar, the first Saudi track and field athlete is quoted as saying women both women competing could be inspiring to the 11 million women and girls women back home.


Saudi Arabia, along with Qatar and Brunei, allowed female athletes to compete at the Olympics for the first time in London, but the Kingdom’s move seemed intended more to draw a new line than to allow for further reform.

Influential clerics  argue that vigorous movement is a threat to the health and honour of the “virgin girl,” a profound deterrent in a shame-and-honor-centred culture that places extraordinary value on the intact hymen of an unmarried woman.

Well done, sisters!   We applaud your efforts and those who support you in your oppression in backward thinking Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Dalma Rushdi Malhas

Saudi showjumper, Dalma Rushdi Malhas, born in Ohio, U.S.A with Saudi parents, missed the London Olympics due to an injury to her horse.  Next time, Dalma; Saudi women are in need of sporting female models.



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