Feb 272015

If you were a Korean fan of the drama “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators” then you were either delighted or outraged by two of them kissing in the library.  Each ended the passionate kiss for fear of homophobia and being judged by their peers.  Homosexuality is not illegal in South Korea, but carries a significant social stigma, with few openly gay public figures.  Christian evangelical churches put pressure on Gay Pride Parades and anything that sparks of being gay.

Photo via JTBC

The first lesbian kiss on South Korean TV aired on Wednesday (February 25) night, and it was epic.

Two two female students on drama Seonam Girls High School Investigators shared a passionate kiss in the library – but then broke up out of fear of being judged.

Out Come the Religious Bigots

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) said Friday (27 February) it had received complaints and were looking in the matter. ‘We will decide whether this is an issue after we look into it, and whether there is any violation of broadcast policy,’ the commission said in a statement.

JTBC cable channel responded that the kiss was necessary to the plot.  It is often the media that paves the way for progress and to end discrimination.  ellen Degeneres is a great example.  When she came OUT her ratings fell and her show was cancelled.  Now, she has wed Portia and speaks out against discrimination of all kind.  In a like manner, director Yeo Yoon is trying to break through taboo subjects.  It is education that is needed and not religious right-wing nuts who want to exclude their children from the reality of life.

The Show Speaks with Gay Youth

Speaking with homosexual students, they show producers learned of the discrimination towards them.  This is what a representative of the show stated

‘We do not believe it is our prerogative to judge whether these students are right or wrong. We therefore went ahead with the scene in the hopes that diversity can be accepted and embraced.’

Television As Education and Dialogue

Reaction was varied.  People spoke of homosexuality being a person thing and not a matter of judging it “right” or “wrong.”  The more prominent view was that television by nature (if not controlled by the state) is in itself controversial.  Most countries have soap operas that focus on adultery, premarital pregnancies and divorce.  It is now just a matter of introducing one more aspect of life – homosexuality.


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