Oct 192013

france_gay_march_295The adoption turns out to be the children of one of the couple named as Caroline and Pascale who were married in June 2013 when France legally allowed same-sex marriages and adoption laws in May, 2013.

One of France’s leading newspapers, Le Monde, reported that  both of the children are the result of artificial insemination by an unknown donor, or donors.

The Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents and Future Parents celebrated the announcement, and said that it may be heard in the hallways of schools in France: “Two mums or two dads, it’s possible!”

Naturally, France has its homophobes and several mayors have refused to marry gay and lesbian couples.  This is against the law of the land.  The may of Arcangues, in south-west France has refused to marry a gay couple.  He is reportedly to have said, “I will go to the gallows” in order to defy the law.

There was a lot of wood shipped to Arcangues (LOL – paula)

Several months ago,  the British Embassy in Paris flew the rainbow flag in support for gay pride marches taking place in Paris and London

The celebration of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual) pride in Paris was the first since France legalised gay marriage. Britain is in the process of enacting similar legislation.

Peter Ricketts, the British Ambassador in Paris, explained the move a few months ago.

“I am delighted to fly the rainbow flag over the Embassy to mark this week and to show our pride in our LGBT staff and our celebration of diversity in our staff and our society,” Ricketts said.    “The British government supports LGBT rights around the world and believes no one should face prejudice and discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”Events such as this give us a chance to come together to mark and celebrate the journey towards equality for LGBT people.”



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