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 Ivana Hoffmann, 19, was from Duisburg in Germany; the daughter of South African parents. She was a member of the Turkish-Marxist-Leninist Communist Party and she died fighting against  Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.Ivana was fighting with Kurdish militia.

Ivana Hoffmann, 19, is reported to have died defending a barricaded position against a pre-dawn Isis attack on a town in north-eastern Syria

Ivana Hoffmann, 19, is reported to have died defending a barricaded position against a pre-dawn Isis attack on a town in north-eastern SyriI

Kurdish Peoples Protection Units spokesman Nawaf Khalil said on Monday that Ivana Hoffmann, 19, died on Saturday around 3 a.m while fighting alongside the armed group near the Syrian village of Tel Tamr.  She was also known by her fighting name Avaşin Tekoşin Güneş.  Ivana is thought to have travelled to Turkey around six months ago.

YouTube Videos

Identifying herself in a YouTube video and backed with a red MLKP flag, Hoffmann says she was born in Germany on September 1st, 1995. She joined the Communist party in 2011.  and first found out about the party in 2011. Looking directly into the camera, she states that she travelled to the autonomous region of Rojava in 2014 to “defend the revolution” and to “hold high the party’s flag”.

In another YouTube video purportedly showing Hoffmann later, with her face covered with a scarf and holding a rifle in what appears to be the Turkish-Syrian border region, the young woman says in German she has been there for a week.

She adds that she is with the unit “to fight for humanity” and “to fight for freedom”.

According to tweets posted on Monday, a memorial for the young woman is to be held in Duisburg on 14 March from 3pm.

Foreign fighters

The number of foreigners fighting alongside the Kurds is small in comparison with the thousands of foreign recruits to ISIL and other hardline groups.

A Canadian-born immigrant to Israel was the first female foreign fighter to join the Kurds in Syria, a Kurdish source said last year.

Last week the Observatory, which tracks the conflict using a network of sources on the ground, reported that another European had been killed further east, days after an Australian man died. The European has been identified as former British Royal Marine.

The Observatory estimates that just over 100 Western fighters have joined the Kurds in Syria and include Americans, French, Spanish and Dutch fighters, among other nationalities.

German authorities said some 650 people have travelled from Germany to Syria and Iraq, to join groups affiliated with ISIL.

It is unknown how many German nationals have joined the Kurds, but the head of Germany’s military intelligence agency, Christof Gramm, told daily Die Welt in an interview published on Monday that about 20 former German soldiers had travelled to the conflict zone.

Hoffmann is not the first European to have died fighting Isis extremists alongside Kurdish fighters in Syria.  Last week former British royal marine Konstandinos Erik Scurfield died in Al-Hol in Hasaka province, close to the Iraq border.


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