Aug 092016


Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh made herstory when they became the first ever same-sex married couple to play together at the Olympic Games. They play for Great Britain and they celebrated with a field hockey win over Australia 2-1. They were married in 2013 and the entire team was present.


Field Hockey NOT For the Faint Hearted

At the London Olympics (2012), Kate played with a metal plate in her face just five days after breaking her jaw. They have been playing field hockey together since they were in their teens. They won the bronze at London. Rio is their fourth Olympcs together but their first as a married couple.


Heading Off to Live in Holland

They have been together since 2008. Now, after the Olympics in Rio they will live in the Netherlands having secured a two year contract.   They have shared more than 600 field hockey appearances between them.

The Future

Both women have witnessed a growing support for marriage equality. Kate hopes there wil be thousands more of gays and lesbians “coming out” and participating in sports and also playing as married couples. “You dye your hair blond, you dye your hair brown, you’re with a man, you’re with a woman. Who cares? You’re just in love with who you are in love with and that’s the end of it.”

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