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Lori (left) and Kelly (right) Look at the joy and love they have for one another! Well done!

imagesFirst Baptist Church in Bostic sent JILL an ex-member a hateful letter when she married a woman. Yet this woman has not attended the Church in fifteen years.  Within days of the passing of North Carolina’s homophobic bill, this letter was sent – just to let this married lesbian couple know their point of view (and it’s not the view held  by a unconditional loving God).  paula.


They wrote

‘As redeemed members of the Body of Christ, we can in no way endorse, support, condone, encourage, or approve of any form of sin or immorality, as such behaviours is contradictory to Scripture.’

O.K so a proverbial stone was attached with the note! LOL accept it’s not funny to point out others’ sins or is it scriptural.  “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” (Jesus)

My Thoughts:

As a Christian lesbian I knew around the age of eleven that I liked girls over boys. I had no language or name for being different.   What I feel so painful is the use of the O.T (Leviticus written 3,500 years ago with so many abominations that are not kept by Christians, except the homosexual one). If you really believed that the writer of Leviticus was informed on medicine, science, geography etc etc then go to a doctor practising medicine of 3,500 years ago!

Jesus never mentions homosexuality, but does ask people to be pure in their intentions towards another person (sexual and otherwise).   I wonder if this First Baptist Church has examined the Story of the Good Samaritan and even understands how hated Samaritans were when Jesus walked the earth. A jewish body coming in physical contact with a Samaritan body would have to go to the Temple to be purified (Yet Jesus drinks from the same cup) as a Samaritan woman. Now, we all wish to enter the Kingdom and a lawyer asked Jesus how this was to be done. Jesus answers: “Love God, Love Neighbour, Love Self.” Now, the lawyer knew the Leviticus Cleanliness Codes against lepers, menstruating women and Samaritans, and he wanted them to be excluded from the definition of neighbour.   Jesus wasn’t buying it and today he might have put a Homosexual as the Good Homosexual if he was trying to convey “Who is my neighbour?”   Now, isn’t it interesting that Jesus places the Samaritan over the priest and Levite both who would not consider lepers and Samaritans as worthy or clean and who knew the Scriptures.   What is the message?

Now again, I have difficulty when Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and Romans state “the unnatural” acts of women with women etc.   Paul is clearly referring to pagan sexual temple orgies where the majority of devotees would be heterosexual and to have a same-sex orgies would be going against their nature. But, to use this against homosexuals is ungodly, we are acting according to our born nature.   The World Health Organization, (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) are in agreement with homosexuality being a natural sexual orientation. The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) has written a declaration in March 2016 and addressed it to the UN and World Leaders that to condemn homosexuality (and it is 99% on religious grounds) is unjust and unloving.     So in conclusion, you can wriggle out of “Do not Judge” all you want, but not to love your neighbour as yourself with all your rights and privileges goes against Jesus).

Now this First Baptist Church embraces Paul.

Romans 1:26

For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.…

Paul in his writing to the Greeks and Romans clearly is condemning temple pagan orgies where lust remains supreme. The gods and goddesses welcomed sex with different partners, same-sex partners and heterosexual-partners.   Paul’s writings address “unnatural” practises of heterosexual partners having same-sex orgies. A truly heterosexual person cannot have natural sex with a same-sex person, it is against their very nature.

Too many times, these letters of Paul have been held up to homosexuals with condemnation of what according to the World Heath Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) and the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) are natural sexual orientations.

Each of these learned bodies uses science to uphold sexual orientation and each body states that homosexuality cannot be reversed and that makes homosexuality NOT a choice.


Levictius “A man shall not lie with a man” was written 3,500 years ago when starting a fire was done with rubbing two flints or sticks together. The writer of Leviticus was unaware of medical or bodily functions: no cure for cancer, women died in childbirth, no cure for leprosy, so he had little idea of sexuality except to make sure that men had many wives in order to produce children to keep clans large and warrior like.


Modern societies and most Christians would find using the Bible to place LGBTI persons in jail or to be executed is UnChristian. Jesus puts the most despised of his day (a Samaritan) as the Good Samaritan in the parable. The Samaritan is placed over the priest and Levite who knew that to enter the Kingdom, a person had to love God, neighbor and self. Hence the parable was told to the Lawyer who asked how to enter the Kingdom. Jesus tells his disciples to see him in ALL PERSONS. “When you do it (injustice) to the least of my brothers/sisters you do it to me.” These are the words of Jesus.




Historically, an “orgy” in Ancient Greece and Rome was a highly revered public or private ceremony in which the gods of pleasure (ionysus and Bacchus) were worshiped with dancing, drinking, singing, and sexual (both homo and hetero) relations took places (“Orgy,” ).

. Ancient Greece

Orgy was derived originally from the ancient Greek word “orgeia,” meaning “ritual things done with a religious purpose” (Allyn, 2000). Orgies were an integral and very important part of Greek life . There is little historical information about these human rituals, however we do know that there were regular orgies held venues such as the temple of Aphrodite (Greek Godess of Love) (Allyn, 2000). At this temple, the “Eleusinian Mysteries” a 9 day autumnal ritual took place annually (Allyn, 2000). This ritual is one of the first documented major orgies of a civilized society.

Ancient Rome

Unlike their Greek counterparts, the Romans engaged in and documented their use of orgies (Allyn, 2000).. Cults of Cybele, Isis, and the Bona Dea all involved orgiastic rites (Allyn, 2000). They used large rooms of baths to engage in their orgiastic activities. Their emperors would throw banquets frequently that would consist of rape, torture, group sex, and other activities (Allyn, 2000). One group, the Etruscans used orgies as entertainment (Allyn, 2000).

“When [the men] get together for companionship or in family parties they do as follows: first of all, after they have stopped drinking and are ready to go to bed, the servants bring them in to them… sometimes also their own wives; and when they have enjoyed these the servants introduce lusty young men who in turn consort with them.” (Ellis, 1927)

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