Oct 162015
Love and healing go together

Love and healing go together

Paula here.  I started this blog because I have found a great joy in writing.  I write lesbian ebooks and I blog each day.  I have found that if my intention to help others is pure, then I help my self.  Like so many other people, I have had dark moments where despair arose and I questioned myself – doubted myself- felt inadequate, etc.   It was my deep faith is someone outside myself (God, Creator, Spiritual Guides) that made me realize that I was NOT alone.

Ask for healing - knowledge - freedom from fear

Ask for healing – knowledge – freedom from fear


These non-humans did not take away the problems or pain, but I knew they were there – unseen but helping me overcome tasks.  I remember someone telling me that “in all the universe, there is only ONE paula key and she is unique!”  Words like this do not magically stop all the fear, pain and confusion, but somehow like a pebble thrown into a whirling ocean, it eventually sinks to the bottom – the bottom being your core.

I have randomly copied and pasted thoughts on nourishing and accepting ‘the self.‘   You may not be able to do ALL of them, but pick just one or two that you think you can achieve.

How Can I Accept Myself If I Think I am Second Class?

What words or situations have made you come to this conclusion?

Every person is beautiful and unique.  Even if you do not believe this at the moment – start saying good things about yourself.  

  1. I have found myself on this site – and there is a reason for this!
  2. I don’t wish to remain in this darkness. I will see light, joy and happiness because ALL people deserve it.
  3. I will find my way out of this unhappiness.  I will take steps to join a group and seek out positive people.
  4. I have the power to change things.  I will start with little steps. I will go for a walk every day (this will tell my inner self thatI am looking after my body and my mind).5I will go to the library and ask for good ‘self-help’ books.  There will be many stories of people like me that have climbed steps to peace, joy, happiness, prosperity and friendships.
  5. .I will make an effort to keep my home/apartment and work area neat and organized.  This will cut down on “looking for things.”

KEEPING A JOURNAL:   (You will be able to record breakthroughs

I will keep a journal and record good things that have happened each day.  If you are stuck – start with simple things like.  I am grateful for sight because I saw…..beautiful flowers

and I heard……. and I walked……..

  1. Lighten up – step by step.   Get a comic movie.  Watch ellen or other comedians.  Put on happy songs.
  2. You may want to get affirmations (Susan Hay) has great ones and post them around your place.
  3. Believe in YOU.   If you truly WANT to change – you will.

Just be patient with yourself.  And do get medical help.  If you are depressed seek a doctor.  Often, we can be lacking a chemical or hormone.   Try and smile and say “hello” to people.

Even a stranger admires a remark such as “I really like the color of your dress” or “that tie is very artful and unique, I like it.”

If you like animals. Stop a person walking a dog and ask for permission to pet it.  People with animals are usually very friendly.


Finding Waldo. It's hard to find him in such a sea of confusion

Finding Waldo. It’s hard to find him in such a sea of confusion

It seems that Waldo has found himself - in a place of stillness.

It seems that Waldo has found himself – in a place of stillness.

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