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Tiger Snake between red Christmas balls

If some kids had their way, they would put all sorts of toy items on a Christmas tree.  You might even see a toy snake amongst the decorations.  However, one woman in Melbourne, Australia found a real snake that had just climbed the tree to show off its beauty for Christmas.  We know the town of Frankston and have driven through it.  In fact, one of our good friends, Graeham, picked us up at the McDonald’s there and drove us to his home.  I should add that most Australians I have met in our four long visits have a very relaxed attitude towards snakes.  Only a few people have died since anti-venom shot have been perfected since 1970s.

The Christmas Tree

It’s no partridge in a pear tree but a Melbourne woman got a seasonal surprise when she found a tiger snake entwined among the tinsel on her Christmas tree.

The Frankston woman discovered the serpent in her tree on Sunday morning and called in professional snake catcher Barry Goldsmith.

‘It’s one of the more common ones, but we find them in all sorts of places,’ Mr Goldsmith told Australian Associated Press on Monday.

‘Tiger snakes are very good climbers.’

Mr Goldsmith, who runs Snake Catcher Victoria, says the woman did the right thing by taking a photo of the snake ,then closing off the room until a professional arrived.

With the warmer weather, snakes are more active, but people should leave them alone and not try and kill them, Mr Goldsmith said.

‘It’s dangerous, it’s illegal, and it’s cruel.’

Many Years as a Snake Catcher

Mr Goldsmith has been working as a snake catcher in the area for 30 or 40 years and has never found a snake in a Christmas tree.

“Although I have found them around the base of a Christmas tree in amongst the presents in the past, I’ve never found one up inside a Christmas tree,” he said.

“This is a one-time thing. It’s like lightning striking a person twice!

“It’s not going to happen again for sure. Not this year anyway.”

Mr Goldsmith said the snake was “never going to hurt anybody” and Cheryl did exactly the right thing.

“The only time the snake becomes a dangerous animal is when somebody tries to hurt it,” he said.

“If you try to attack a snake or kill a snake then the chances of getting bitten increase hugely.”

The snake was removed and relocated to a friend’s bush property nearby.

paula again.   People have huge properties called “bush.”

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