Sep 082013

Charice – talented singer from

MANILA – An American lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) website  (The Buzz) has named Filipino singer Charice as the world’s hottest lesbian.

The 21-year-old singer, saying Charice has already come a long way since she joined the ABS-CBN talent show “Little Big Star” in,XMgyYajBiU754YstmVde-cUpEoSbmnQtyzaviOrCrsnQm6pZC6igVMmUtDN7YFMo9XUokeWVLUPfHZHuXrj3NRygkJOW_dKJmAT3oA

Now sporting a different hairstyle, Charice told “The Buzz” that she could not believe that she topped the list of the world’s hottest lesbians.

Charice said she is proud to represent the LGBT community.

Charice made local and international headlines after she admitted last June that she is gay. While she is not currently on good terms with her family, Charice said she feels “free” after coming out.

After getting her start on YouTube back in 2007, Charice was scooped up by Oprah and then Ellen and then Ryan Murphy, who one time said that when she opens her mouth, angels fly out. You probably remember her from her awesome guest arc as Sunshine Corazon on Glee. (She is one of the ten billion rock stars Rachel chased away from McKinley High School back in season two.) Charice has also released two platinum albums and is the first Asian solo singer to land on Billboard’s Top 10 and the first Filipino singer to have a top 20 single on the UK charts. These days she’s also a judge on the Philippine version ofThe X Factor.

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