Jun 172015
No to racism - but ignore homophobia as practised in Nigeria

No to racism – but ignore homophobia as practised in Nigeria

Case No.1.  NO to Racism!

Let’s look at an issue, there are two women soccer players named, let’s say Hanna and Anna.  We’ll take Hanna’s situation first.  Hanna lives in a pretend country named Colour Based.   Hanna has the wrong coloured skin and race.  She has be beaten up, insulted and accused of being “uncolourful.”  It is the same for all the Hannas.  FIFA steps in and the country of Colour Based is eliminated because it is the policy of FIFA to not tolerate racism.  (FIFA banned South Africa when apartheid was in place).

Case No.2.  (FIFA ignores Homophobic Nigeria)

Anna (not her real name) has qualified for Nigeria, Africa.  She knows that she must “stay in the closet” as  a lesbian.  Here is a comment from an anonymous Nigeria.

“Here’s what might happen to a [Nigerian] player who comes out and says, ‘I’m gay’: You barely can go home anymore,” the Nigerian said. “Even if you have a couple people in your family who say, ‘Don’t worry, we like you and trust you,’ we are still communal at heart. So now your parents, your brothers and sisters are going to go back to the village, and people are going to point at them and make snide stories and talk. Your family gets put into songs. That’s the kind of stigma attached to being gay in Nigeria.

BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN – Dilichukwu Onyedinma,

Dilichukwu Onyedinma the face of bigotry

Dilichukwu Onyedinma the face of bigotry and hatred.  Have you any idea how much pain you  are inflicting on a child of God?

This has also led to Nigerian national team officials publicly stating that those suspected of being gay aren’t allowed to play for the country, as Wahl writes:

Nigerian federation officials deny that any players have been kept off the national team due to their sexual orientation.

(So, the Nigerian Federation officials deny homophobia – and yet, if you reveal you are gay – then you can face 14 years in prison. )  Sure, you’re right – no person has declared they are gay – so there is NO HOMOPHOBIA – right?

2013 – Come OUT and We’ll Jail You! (Nigerian Government)

But in 2013, as the Nigerian government began cracking down on homosexuality with anti-gay legislation, a revealing statement came from Dilichukwu Onyedinma, who’s currently the head of the Nigerian women’s soccer league and an official in the Nigerian soccer federation.

“We don’t tolerate lesbianism, and we always discuss it whenever we meet,” Onyedinma told a Nigerian paper. “We always warn clubs and club chairmen to please tell their players to desist from it, because any player that we pick for national competitions, and we hear a little story that is involved in that, we disqualify the player.”


When her quote was first publicized, Onyedinma denied that she had said it. But the Nigerian paper then posted a recording of her saying it on YouTube.

So FIFA – you have sympathy and will fight against a person suffering RACISM – but HOMOPHOBIA – it’s O.K

Well, FIFA, of course there are NO lesbians on the Nigerian team – to be one would result in a 14 year jail sentence.

Ban Nigeria and other countries that either practise racism or homophobia – yes, it will result in a loss of money – but human beings are worth dignity and human rights!  You agree?

Look at the next FIFA host countries: QATAR and RUSSIA – homophobic countries.  Where is FIFA’s dignity and support for human rights – no wonder there is corruption that involves the GOD OF FIFA – MONEY.

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