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USA beat a talented Japansese team 5-2. Well done, women! and you have a female coach, too!

USA beat a talented Japansese team 5-2.
Well done, women!
and you have a female coach, too!

If you have been reading my blogs/articles on FIFA 2015,  you know that I love soccer (football).  I played it (as a Tomboy) and I coached it in high school.  It has been a wonderful tournament that brought 24 teams to my country – CANADA.  If I had to have a ‘heartbreak moment,’ it was when England beat Canada in the quarter finals.  When the tears dried, I realized that 24 countries had beaten other countries to qualify and arrive here on Canadian soil.  Then, I raised a glass of wine (the last of the bottle) and saluted Canada to had reached the quarter finals.

USA: What a Team!

There was a score to settle against Japan!  Four years ago in the 2011 FIFA cup, hosted by Germany, the USA lost on penalty shots against Japan.  My wife, Trish, and I were camping in Algonquin, one of the magnificent provincial parks in Ontario.  Our television set in the trailer could not pick up signals, so we drove an hour to watch the final game.  Like many viewers, I thought that it would be a very close match. I imagined a 1-0 score or even a shoot out.  Then for Japan, the beginning of the match, went very much the way of the Canada v England match.  Two goals were scored earlier (against Japan and Canada) and it is a very hard task to catch up.

Hat trick, Carli. Three goals to push a 5-2 win.

Hat trick, Carli.
Three goals to push a 5-2 win.

The Great Carli Lloyd

One person, Carli Lloyd, was a one-woman wrecking unit with her two goals just into the match.  I saw Jill Ellis (their coach) cheering wildly. Jill, like the fans in the stand,s and those watching television, could not believe the swift goals.

I love it when women coach female games,  (but I appreciate the men who give their time and talents to female soccer players)..  There is something worth mentioning – Carli must have been jubilant not only for two goals, but for the fact that in the shoot out four years ago – she failed to score against the Japanese  goal keeper.  But wait – Carli went on to get another goal – What a way to score a hat trick!  In the audience was Stephen Harper, (Canada’s Prime Minister) and Joe Biden (the USA Vice-President).

Looking at the Lesbians!

Look, my wife and I always play a game of “spot the lesbian’ particularly in women’s sports.  There were certainly ‘lesbians’ on the Japanese team!  However, we know that Megan Rapinoe and Abby Womback kissed their wives after the victory!  We know, because the kisses were reported in the media.  Naturally. it is not a secret that Megan and Abby are “out” and proud lesbians.  All 24 countries at FIFA Canada (2015) are an inspiration to girls and women world-wide. ( You can add families and males who are great supporters).  I loved one sign that a man raised, “I wish I could play like a girl.”  (If you are a second language person, this has always been a put down by chauvinistic males).

Great FIFA Level of Play

There was one “rat bag” who wrote negatively about FIFA 2015 ( the Toronto Star newspaper).  The idiot called the games boring and that they were still far below male soccer standards.  Well, he was made to eat his words.  Males and females lambasted him!  There were more than 200 comments – 99.9% who told him to watch a game -or-asked what was his agenda for such negativity. They quoted male soccer celebrities who were watching the FIFA women and congratulating them on their skills.  In fact, someone quoted the television viewing audience and it was in the high millions (perhaps, overall – maybe half a billion watched incredible soccer).

In conclusion:  Thank you, all FIFA female competitors – 24 teams came to Canada, but there were teams that did not qualify and I say “thank you” for inspiring young girls in YOUR country.  I am projecting, but I think by the next FIFA women’s cup (2019) there will easily be over a billion viewers – perhaps, MORE.

And just one more projection – Canada is going to take the trophy!  LOL.






He was either totally ignorant of the game (having not watched one of them) or he was trying to get attention.



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