Jun 272015
France:  FIFA  2015 Women's Team

France: FIFA 2015 Women’s Team

Germany: FIFA  2015 Women's Team

Germany: FIFA 2015 Women’s Team

Germany secured a place in the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup with a 5-4 penalty shoot-out win over France after a thrilling encounter finished 1-1 in Montreal. This game was surely the best game in the entire tournament at 2015 FIFA in Canada.

Playing with Heart and Skills.

Imagine playing full out for 45 minutes and the score sits at 0-0.

Play another 45 minutes and at the end of full time, the score is 1-1. Now, play extra time and the score hasn’t changed. This is where you give a standing ovation to both teams.

The Unfair Shoot Out

This is where I cannot write about who scored and how the German goalie, Nadine Angerer, stopped the one shot that decided the game! I HATE shootouts!   They bring back negative memories of my coaching elementary and high school girls’ soccer games. In an inschool game, my fellow teacher agreed with me NOT to subject the girls to a shoot out. Our principal argued with it, but we stuck to our guns. We shared the inschool prize instead of HAVING to have a winner. One other negative memory was seeing my team in a shoot-out; the winner going on to a school district game. Our goalie was in tears (she was 14 years at the time). We won, but my heart broke for the goalie on the opposite side that let in thata ONE goal that decided the fate of all her team mates.

France and Germany in the Shoot Out

Having expressed my thoughts, you know that I didn’t watch this shootout. While I congratulate Germany, my heart breaks for France.  Is there not another way?  Maybe, I’m too sentimental and others enjoy the thrill of the shoot out?  paula

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