Jun 242015
Germany: FIFA  2015 Women's Team

Germany: FIFA 2015 Women’s Team

France:  FIFA  2015 Women's Team

France: FIFA 2015 Women’s Team


Reaching the Quarterfinals:

China beat Cameroon—–USA beat Colombia——Germany beat Sweden—–France beat Korea

Australia beat Brazil———Japan beat Netherlands—-Canada beat Switzerland —England beat Norway

FIFA 2015 – WOMEN’S QUARTERFINALS  (Germany v France)

Millions of fans like I, have watched and enjoyed my sisters who came to Canada to play incredible soccer.  Commentators on television and writers in the newspapers have praised the level of soccer skills shown.

Women’s soccer has reached incredible high levels over the last years. Personally, my heart was so proud of these women from every continent except Antarctica (and maybe there will be one team from there as our planet gets crowed – LOL).  While I praise these eight teams that have reached the quarter-finals, my heart breaks for those who lost.  I think of the hours of practice and of their pride and love of their countries.  Well done!

2015 Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals Schedule

Friday, June 26 Time (ET) TV Location
Germany vs. France 4 p.m. Fox Montreal
China vs. United States 7:30 p.m. Fox Ottawa
Saturday, June 27 Time (ET) TV Location
Australia vs. Japan 4 p.m. Fox Sports 1 Edmonton
Canada vs. England 7:30 p.m. Fox Sports 1 Vancouver

Knock Out Action: – Anything Can Happen

The German women are placed as number one in the world and they take on the French team that hold the number 3 ranking.

While Germany has looked unstoppable at times, n

either of these sides had an undefeated group-stage record.

France was beaten  in their second match last week, 2-0. But France made quick work of Mexico in the final group game (5-0) and South Korea in the knockout stage (3-0) to restore confidence heading into these quarterfinals.

Germany’s  demolishedIvory Coast  10-0 in the opener,  but only managed a 1-1 draw against Norway. They had an easy victory over Thailand.  Next came Sweden, ranked No.5, but they fell to the German strength by a 4-1 loss.

Germany holds the two leading scorers of the tournament. Anja Mittag and Celia Sasic have each netted five goals in the tournament, including three apiece in their win over Ivory Coast.

Here are the OUT lesbians in FIFA 2015.    I would like to add that my praise and admiration goes to all the female players of FIFA regardless of sexual orientation.  This is basically a lesbian site – so I wish to celebrate the lesbians playing (they also were proud to come out).  I also wish to give encouragement to lesbian soccer players (and non-soccer players) who are being persecuted world-wide.  I want to again point out the homophobia of Nigeria -no lesbians are allowed to play for that country.   paula.

Here is your lesbian list:

Nadine Angerer, Germany

Lisa Dahlkvist, Sweden

Katie Duncan, New Zealand

Jillian Ellis, United States (coach)

Nilla Fischer, Sweden

Isabell Herlovsen, Norway

Michelle Heyman, Australia

Christine Sinclair, Canada

No French Lesbians:  It is so tragic (l est si tragique))

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