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Peace River, 1886

This event occurred in the far northwestern portion of the Canadian territories, 200 or 300 miles beyond Edmonton. The Peace river country is inhabited by Cree Indians.  Back in 1888, these Cree Indians had little interaction with whites.  They clung to old traditions such as the belief that evil spirits could enter the bodies of tribe members.  These spirits turned humans into wehtigos, beings that killed and devoured their families.

Murdering the Wehtigo

The Canadian government despatched police to the Peace River when an Indian named Conteraille, assisted by his son, killed his wife.  They believed she was turning wehtigo.  The tribes objected to life imprisonment for both men arguing that if the woman had not been killed innocent family members and neighbours would have been eaten by her.


The Cannibal Grandmother

There was a newspaper report in 1866 that told of a grandmother who had killed and eaten seven of her young children.  The father of the children had escaped.  The tribe drew lots and one old man shoot the grandmother.

Not Just Women – Male Cannibals, too

On the Quinze lake, around 1888-9 , a trapper found that full blooded warrior had killed and eaten four of his sons, but was awkward shot and killed by his fifth son.

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NOTE: It would be reasonable to say that this case, since it involves a woman who was apparently brought up in a culture that practiced cannibalism, should no be properly classed as a “serial killer” case. Nevertheless, such borderline category cases as this one ought to be looked at when studying the who spectrum of serial killer case varieties, thus it is included here.


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