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images-10Feeling down is part of living on this planet.  Sometimes, it is a medical problem that needs professional help.  Many times, it is fatigue that comes with overworking, poor eating or insufficient sleep.  Often, we have forgotten to take time to rejuvenate and play.  We can  change the way we see things in our minds.  You have heard the saying “Mind over Matter.”   Here are some helpful suggestions.  Perhaps, you have your own, too.


1. Recognise the Emotion.

images-7We need to avoid sinking into the pit of despair.  If we have slid into that pit, we need to get out of it.  There is no point of blaming ourselves with thoughts like “I should have” or “why me?  Try to pinpoint the emotion:  despair, anger, frustration, loneliness, etc.  The idea is to rise like a “phoenix from the ashes” and to get the best out of life.  Don’t shove the emotion down.  When asked “What is the matter?” give an answer.   However, do try and fix the problem or else you get recognized as a “constant moaner.

2.  Wave goodbye to that Emotionimages-6

Take the initiative to do something about the problem.  Go to the doctor, get a massage, phone a friend, go to a movie.  Several years ago I was in India.  The taxi stopped on a dusty street in New Delhi.  I looked out and saw a blue tarp that was set up like a tent.  On this pavement or sidewalk lived a family.  Inside the tent was bedding.  A woman cooked on a stove and a baby sat on a mat.  Beside the baby was a huge white bucket of water.   This water served as a means to cook and shower.  The taxi moved on, but I never forgot the situation.
3. Talk yourself through it.images-3

Live in the NOW.  The past is gone and we can learn from it, but do not dwell on it.  Dwelling on the past stops us from living in the NOW.  Do not worry about the future.  In fact, most things that we worry about seldom happen.
4. Become Comfortable with Uncertainty and Change

There are few ‘certainties’ in life.   Change and death are inevitable.   Choose living.  We cannot control everything.  We need to believe that we have the power to overcome most things.  Start with your mind.  Notice is your thoughts are positive or negative.   Negativity does not bring happiness.  Be grateful and notice “little things.”    You do not need a credit card to charge – a sunset, butterflies, birds singing – animals, etc.

5. Attitude and Gratitudeimages-5

Many people cannot see the world around them.   Other people cannot hear music or the voices of others.  Some people cannot walk.  There are refugee camps where people line up for water and food.
6. Breathe, Smile and Forgive

The LGBTI community  will overcome ALL obstacles to find LOVE

The LGBTI community
will overcome ALL obstacles to find LOVE

Breathe as a way to calm down.   Breathe in peace and breathe out resentment.  Breathe and forgive. Forgiveness is a gift for you.

An excellent breathing technique that calms nerves and reduces physical and emotional pain is the following. Try it today in a moment of stress or anxiety.

A slow count of four while breathing in, then count of four holding the breath. Then a slow count of four breathing out out and hold the breath out for four seconds and repeat.

7. The Outcome (s)images-9 images-8

You cannot control people or events, but you can choose how you react to them.  It is YOUR life.  If you stood in the line up of humanity, this is what you would notice.   There is a shorter line in front of you.  It has rich, famous and good-looking people. (Many are unhappy).  Behind you, are the disadvantaged: the poor, the sick, the downtrodden.  They are the victims of economic situations. Most are from developing countries where drinking water and disease is problematic.  This long line up shows the scars of war, rape and hunger.   Count your blessings.  Bring peace, joy and happiness into your life.   This is not meant to be a sermon, but a reminder to make your life better by considering some of these facts.

I wish you a life filled with challenges.  We grow because of them.  No one said that “life would be easy,” but do your best to make your life a ‘good one.’

You have a right to love and be loved without being judged

You have a right to love and be loved without being judged





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