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1.     What was the first country to allow same sex marriage?

2      Who is Portia Di Rossi’s famous wife

3.     Which wife of a famous U.S President was known to have lesbian affairs?

4.     Which famous lesbian wrote, “Ruby Fruit Jungle”?

5.      In which sport does Martina Navratilova  excel?

6.      Which lesbian wrote, “A Rose is a rose is a rose?”

7.      Which lesbian recorded, “Come to my Window?”

8.      Lesbian Radcliffe Hall wrote which book?

9.      Name the lesbian movie set in Nevada starring Helen Shaver, Patricia

Charbonneau and Audra Lindley.

10.    Name the ancient Greek poetess who wrote about her love of women?

11.     Which Greek island is associated with the word, ‘lesbian.’ ?

12.     Famous for her husky voiced German actress who stated in Hollywood,

“Sex is better with a woman!”

13.      In which country was Dusty Springfield born?

14.      Sally Ride died in 2012.  What career made her famous?

15.       She was born in Alberta, Canada and closed the Canadian Winter

Olympic Games with the song, “Hallelujah.”  Who is she

16.     Kate Moennig plays which character on “The L Word.?”

17.     Name the lesbian actress who starred in “Sex in the City?”

18.     Name the lesbian actress and comedian that starred in the following

“Laugh In” and “The Incredible Shrinking Woman.”?

19.    Amy Ray and Emily Sallers make up which folk rock duo?

20.    In 1973, which tennis star defeated a male tennis player in the “Battle of

the Tennis”?

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1.    The Netherlands.  (2001

2.    Ellen Degeneres.

3.    Eleanor Roosevelt.

4.    Rita Mae Brown

5.   Tennis.

6.    Gertrude Stein

7.    Melissa Etheridg

8.     The Well of Loneliness.

9.    Desert Hearts (movie) – book title was “Desert of the Heart.

10.   Sappho.

11.    Lesbos

12      Marlene Dietrich

13.     England

14.     Space Astronaut (NASA)

15.      kd Lang.

16.     Shane

17.     Cynthia Nixon

18.    Lily Tomlin

19.     The Indigo Girls

20.    Billy Jean King

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