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Beautiful, rich and famous lesbians, often photographed and adored, are nonetheless still vulnerable to heartache.  This kind of pain knows no boundaries.  Here are some celebrities who have loved and, later,  made the decision to separate.

Alexandra Hedison is a talented photographer and has starred in many films and television shows.  You may have seen her in an episode of the L Word.  Alexandra Hedison at one time was the lover of Ellen DeGeneres.


Melissa and Julie

Melissa Etheridge is known for her spectacular career as a rock star.  She is also known for her song “I Need to Wake Up”  included in Al Gore’s ecology film “An Inconvenient Truth”, and for which she won an Oscar.  A survivor of breast cancer, Melissa penned the song, “I Run for Life” which encourages and supports breast cancer survivors and their families.  Unknown-3  Melissa met Julie Cypher on a video shoot for  Melissa’s hit song, “Bring Me Some Water”.  Julie, at the time, was married to actor Lou Diamond Philips.  Julie and Melissa have two children, Bailye and Beckett.

Ellen and Anne

Ellen enjoyed a three-and-a-half  year relationship in the late 1990’s with actress, screen writer and director Anne Heche.   Anne is now, (2013), married with two children. After an amicable split with Ellen, Anne married camera man Coley Laffoon and had a son.   Since their divorce in 2009, she has lived with fellow-actor James Tupper, from their joint TV show Men In Trees.  They also have a son.


Melissa and Tammy

Melissa began dating Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2001, and they have two children, twins:  Johnnie Rose, a daughter, and son, Miller Steven,  are now almost six years old.   Their subsequent separation was a bitter affair with plenty of ‘dirty laundry’ laid bare in the tabloids.  Tammy uses her blog often to attack Melissa.   One of her blogs maintained that the alimony payment made by Melissa was insufficient for her and their two children.  The amount Melissa was currently paying was $23,000 US per month.  Melissa has four children and the media credits her with being a good and caring mother to all children.


Melissa and Linda

Melissa Etheridge is moving on,  and has a new woman in her life!   Linda Wallem is the creator of  the TV show “Nurse Jackie” and was actually Melissa’s ‘best man’ at her 2003 wedding to Tammy.  “Melissa and Linda have been best friends for over 10 years,” reported a friend.  “They got together three months after Melissa and Tammy broke up.”  Linda is a successful writer and producer of many shows, one of which is “Nurse Jackie.”

What is interesting is that Linda has been able to maintain a good relationship with her former girl friend, Liz Brixius.  Together, they have been able to work together on “Nurse Jackie” and other projects.


Ali McBeal Kiss between Calista Flockhart & Lucy Lui

Portia Di Rossi entered the modelling profession in Australia.  At a young age, she became victim to the profession’s obsession with unreal thinness for women.  Like so many professional lesbians, she hid in the Hollywood closet battling two major issues, her health and the fear of lesbian exposure.  She starred in the series Ali McBeal and felt fear of exposure particularly during the kissing episode of Calista Flockhart and Lucy Lui.  Portia was not “out” to any members of the cast.  In fact, Portia was dating  the attractive Francesca Gregorini.  Francesca was born in Italy to an Italian father and American mother, Barbara Bach.  Her mother played a sexy Russian spy in the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”  Barbara Bach later married Ringo Starr, a member of the Beatles Fab Four.

Francesca and Portia

Francesca is a successful singer, song writer and director who always knew she was a lesbian and “came out of the closet” at an early age.

Legal California Wedding of Portia and Ellen. The California Courts struck down same sex marriage, but our girls are still legally married. The matter is before the Supreme Court of the U.S.A

Portia met Ellen at a promotional event and both felt attracted to one another.  It was months later that they met again and openly declared their interest in one another.  Move forward four years and the Wedding of Ellen and Portia hit the media world-wide.  They are a very photographed married couple and a great representation for same-sex marriage.

Ellen has to be considered a ‘mover’ and a very courageous woman to ‘come out of the closet’ and take the risk that this would ruin her Hollywood career.  As lesbians, we owe words of thanks to women like Oprah, who received hate mail when she played the part of a counsellor on the televised episode of Ellen’s coming out episode. And men should not be forgotten in their support for gay marriage: John Stewart ‘Daily Show,’ Piers Morgan and many others.  In conclusion, fame and fortune does not act as a shield for broken hearts.  In life, relationships act like mirrors, helping us to grow, teaching us what we want or do not want.  Sometimes, relationships teach us to move on-for various reasons.  I would like to leave you with the saying, “It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.”

Love to everyone…Paula.


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