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Let’s travel to Sweden to meet Eva Dahigren who is an out lesbian and talented musician. She was born on June 9, 1960 in Umeå, Sweden and was destined for musical stardom.

Television Start

As with many talented competitors, Eva appeared on television in 1978 at the age of eighteen. She was noticed by a musician/producer Bruno Glenmark who helped her launch her debut album Finns det nån som bryr sej om in the same year.

Fueled with enthusiasm, Eva placed third in a try out for the Eurovision Song Contest staged in Sweden. She continued to release albums in the 1980s and toured with the Swedish pop duo Roxette.

Unknown-21991 – Breakthrough

Eva launched a new album En blekt blond ins hjärta which sold over half a million copies and netted the singer five Grammis awards. (Sweden’s equivalent to America’s Grammys).

Eva (left) and Efva Attling

Eva (left) and Efva Attling

A Change of Name in the Name of Love

In 1996 Eva Dahlgren and jewellery designer Efva Attling entered a civil union and Eva changed her surname to Dahlgren-Atting. This came as a surprise and generated headlines in Sweden and other Scandanavian countries. I certainly admire Eva for placing love over her career!





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