Aug 022013




Black countries: recognize same sex marriage.

The red countries represent mostly former “Iron Curtain” countries.  At May, 2013, each red coloured country has a constitution that only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. (Influenced by Russian Orthodox Church)

Blue countries: have recognized partnerships.

As at May 27, 2013, the British Isles outlined in blue needs to be corrected.  Same sex marriage is now legal in England and Wales.  Scotland is considering the topic.  Ireland (the Republic of Ireland or Southern Ireland is holding a referendum.

Beige: No Laws regarding same-sex partnerships.  Look at these countries: Italy (influenced by Vatican?) Greece (Influenced by Greek Orthodox Church)_ Turkey while it is a secular state, it is very much influenced by Islam.

Religions are detrimental to homosexuals well-beings.  They tend to be intolerance with regard to diversity and towards those persons who do not buy into their dogma and scriptures.  Outdated scriptures are used to deny human rights.

Let’s look at the black countries that provide human  rights and equality to all their citizens. How did they evolve?  What makes them enlightened humanitarians?

Here are the enligtened countries of Europe:  Netherlands(Holland) Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal.

To add to these European countries:  Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

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