Jul 102013

Caroline Seger one of Sweden’s top players
in the Euro Women’s 2013 tournament/cup


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Twelve countries are competing.   Here is one lesbian player, but we cheer for all women regardless of sexual orientation.

 Caroline Seger struggled to “Come Out.”

As a 17-year-old she was ashamed and got herself caught up in lies. But now Caroline Seger, 27, talks about her homosexuality to support young girls.
— It took a long time for me to accept that it was girls that turned me on, she says to the magazine Topphälsa.

Caroline Seger is one of Sweden’s key players when EURO 2013 kicks off at home in less than a month. Now she talks about her love for a girl – which has not always been easy.

It took a long time for me to accept that it was girls that turned me on. I was 17-years-old then. I felt quite a lot of guilt. I thought it was incredibly tough with the sneaking around and lying. It was still taboo with those kinds of things, she says in the latest issue of Topphälsa.

Today Seger is in a relationship with a girl since 1.5 years back. But ten years ago she was ashamed.

— Yes, I implied that I was seeing guys. Constantly guarding for all questions that were about my crushes. You get good at lying with time. It’s nothing that I am proud of today. My friends got caught in the middle because I got myself tangled up and lied. Eventually there was only one solution: to come out.

Once Seger did, there was never any problems and her parents have always been supportive.
— I have always been open about my sexuality with loved ones. And at home there were no problems at all. But I have homosexual friends who have had a really tough times with their parents, says Seger who hopes to be a role model for others.

— That’s why I want to talk about it. To be able to help young girls in the same situation. I don’t think it’s a big deal myself really, she says.

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