Aug 242013

Eugenia has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein

 Eugenie de Silvia, a 14-year-old, has officially been accepted into Harvard University Extension School’s Master of Liberal Arts program.  A few months ago in the summer of 2013, she graduated summa cum laude from American Military University with her bachelor’s in Intelligence Analysis.  It is her plan to become a lawyer and her dream is to become the U.S Secretary of Defenses.

Eugenia, is a child prodigy, from graduated from high school at the age of eleven. She has also published two children’s books and authored several research papers on a wide range of topics including physics, behavioral sciences and psychology.

Starting in the fall of 2013, the extraordinary young woman will continue to impress the world with her academic prowess as she begins taking graduate level classes at both Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education and at the American Military University. She hopes to clinch a Master’s degree at both institutions — one in legal studies at Harvard and the other in intelligence analysis at AMU.

De Silva and her dad, a physics and chemistry professor at Walters State Community College and Virginia Institute of Research founder, will move to Boston to be close to the Ivy League institution.

Raised by her Sri Lankan-born dad, a single parent, the teen says that as a child she was bullied and teased for her brilliance. He moved both of them from the U.K to the States in 2004.

Yet, Eugenia has been able to be a soccer enthusiast and find time to be a teenager. She loves music and is a self-taught piano player. Her father has told reporters that his daughter could type before she could read.  She began school at the age of three and constantly won the Head Master’s Academic award for her grade level.

De Silva says another challenge she’s faced has been the financial burden of her education. Because of her young age, the teen says she doesn’t qualify for college scholarships. Her dad has paid for her education out of his pocket.


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