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Ellen brings sunshine into even the dullest of days.  Her talents   She teaches us to laugh, to love, and to play.  Just take these three items together and you have the ingredients for a fulfilling life.  It is life lived with a sense of community.  It is a departure from ‘me’ to ‘others.’  It is a philosophy that one person can make a difference.



Ellen has ‘dolphin medicine.’  Water is feminine in its nature, present in men and women.  It is life-giving, nurturing, cleansing and healing.  For centuries people have sought ‘the cure’ or taken ‘the waters’ from certain springs or baths known for their mineral properties.  All creation has come out of the seas.

Dolphins teach us to have fun for its own sake.  This is why people tune in daily to watch Ellen.  As adults life is tends to be very serious and we have lost the ability to play.  Adults often live life through the mind and ego caught up in a ‘bad dream’ and unaware of how much stress is destroying our psyche and physical body.  Dolphins teach us that fishing for food is only part of the day.  There must be time to discover and develop deep joy within us.  Joy is strong medicine on many levels of our being


Dolphins look after their offspring and members of their community.  They also look after humans.  We in turn, are called to look after nature.Dolphins are very sexual creatures mating throughout the year.  Any kind of intimacy is good.  Keep telling others that you love them.  Hug as often as you can.  Remind yourself to play.  Revisit some activity of the past, roller-skating, bowling, walking or movie going.  Reconnect to ‘lost ‘friends.  May be place a picture or model of a dolphin on your work desk or in the kitchen.  A picture of Ellen’s smiling face would work equally well.  As you look at her picture, listen to her theme song, “Spread a little Love,” and hear her voice encouraging us to “be kind to one another.’


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