Oct 202016

Duggar Family: God’s Love Has Totally Redeemed Josh From All That Incest, Molestation, Porn, and Adulteryget-1

According to a Facebook message posted this afternoon by the Duggar Family, Josh Duggar is once again living the traditional one-man one-woman marriage that God Intended™ now that White Jesus has forgiven him for all those non-Jesus-y transgressions that cost him his gig as a hate group leader and cost the family millions of dollars of reality show dough. Whether Josh can be redeemed for his new job as a used car salesman, however, seems highly unlikely.

Surely, God loves and forgives us all regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, gender.   The problem is that the Duggars judge others and suddenly decide that their son, Josh, who has molested his sisters, cheated on his wife, etc. etc  – can suddenly be ‘wiped clean’ so that the family can get on with their hateful work of judging others.   paula.


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