May 252013

th-12Dubai Flowers hide “weeds that choke Human Blooming”.

The outward display of flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden hide the power  of weeds that are choking human rights either directly in Dubai, or in its desire for gold mined by child laborers world wide.

The Miracle Garden:

th-7The flowers are magnificent and the designers, gardeners and laborers are to be congratulated on this incredible display of Mother Nature.’ It is the world’s biggest natural flower garden in a state that has the world’s tallest building and the world’s tallest hotel.  Then, there is the resort Ski Dubai, which is chilled all year round and comes complete with real snow.

To get an idea of the magnitude and size of the miracle garden it occupies 72,000 sq. metres and contains over 45 million flowers.   The artistic merit is contained in blooms fashioned in the shapes of hearts, stars, igloos, pyramids and themes.  Floral displays change each season so that repeat visitors have a new experience each time they visit.

The Weeds of Cultural and Religious Intolerance:


2013 – Not much has changed.
Strikers claim they are not being paid for

There will not be rainbow themes that could be interpreted as gay friendly, like pink triangles or rainbow flags.  Nor will there be floral displays showing the plight of child laborers digging for gold, nor immigrant workers staging work stoppages for fair wages.  These are the weeds that are hidden from public display.

In 2006, the Indian consul stated that Dubai’s city economic miracle would not be possible without armies of poorly paid construction workers from India.

The NPR (National Public Radio) report stated that foreign construction workers lived “eight and ten to a room in labor camps” and that “many are trapped in a cycle of poverty and debt, which amounts to little more than indentured servitude  

Homosexuals live in fear of discovery.

Both civil law and Sharia criminalize homosexual activity. Penalties range from the death sentence to prison sentences.

Chemical castrations are also performed.  Article 177 of the Penal Code of Dubai imposes imprisonment of up to 10 years on consensual sodomy. The most common depiction in the local media of LGBT people involves foreigners, disease, and sex crimes such as rape.

In 2008 two lesbian tourists were given a one-month jail sentence and then deported for engaging in public displays of affection while visiting a beach. Police caught one woman engaging in cunnilingus on the other woman on the beach. The trial, reportedly the first of its kind, prompted the police to create a special task force to combat homosexuality and other “indecent acts” from taking place on the beaches.

7 June 2012, a Belgian man admitted to Police he was in a homosexual relationship with a Filipino. He was arrested and jailed for a year to be followed by deportation.

 The Smell of Decay:

Looking at the overall pictures, I personally feel that the flowers of the Miracle Garden have lost their fragrance.  I wonder how many Indian labourers, after many hours of labouring in this garden, return to colourless rooms and  labour injustice.?

Giving a Rose to the One You Love

I also feel that If you cannot give a rose publicly in Dubai to your same-sex partner, the weeds of this intolerant society, have choked the ever-blooming joys of love.  Mother Nature weeps when love is denied to certain ‘flowers’ in her garden of life.


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