Mar 162013

kiwi is a flightless bird


 New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote* (the second country was Australia) so all gays, lesbians and transexuals are delighted that the New Zealand Parliament has passed the second reading of a bill to offer marriage equality to all. Kiwis are birds and fruit, but they are also the name of inhabitants of New Zealand.

On the bills first reading in August, 2012,the vote was 80-40 in favor.  Then in March, 2013 it passed again 77-44.

Labour MP Louisa Wall, who drafted the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, says lobbying has been “ferocious” with MPs’ inboxes clogged and some systems crashing.  The Conservative opposition insisted that the parliamentary vote was unfair and a general public referundum should be chosen instead.

Louisa Wall, M.P has reason to smile

Louisa Wall, a Maori, is a lesbian as well as a compentent member of parliament.  She stands tall and proud as she rebukes senseless arguments against gay marriage.  She is a woman supported by fine men and women who believe in equality for all Kiwis.

I would like to add that I had the pleasure to visit both New Zealand islands back in 2003. It has a picturesque landscape and very welcoming people.  I was particularly impressed by the Maori cultural performances.  The singing and dancing was so impressive that I was literary reduced to tears.  My partner and I hope to revisit Kiwi land within the next couple of years.

* N.Z Coat of Arms

Of course, this piece of gay celebration could not becomplete without a fruit – the kiwi –  So everyone starts baking with Kiwis and if you have a chance go visit this wonderful country.

*Women allowed to vote:  N.Z –1893, Australia – 1894-, U.S.A- 1920  and U.K –1928 – and here are the late bloomers:

  • 1971 Switzerland
  • 1972 Bangladesh
  • 1974 Jordan
  • 1976 Portugal
  • 1989 Namibia
  • 1990 Western Samoa
  • 1993 Kazakhstan, Moldova
  • 1994 South Africa
  • 2005 Kuwait
  • 2006 United Arab Emirates
  • 2011 Saudi Arabia3
No Voting Allowed in the Monarchy of Brunei
for either gender. 2013


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