Jun 252016

images-7Some people live their lives like they were in a semi-darkened room with the curtain drawn.  For plant life,  Light is necessary for growth through photosynthesis.  For humans, dark days without sun decreases our levels of vitamin D and we get depressed.

The curtains can be our fears, insecurities and life lived without purpose or passion.  We can be shadows hidden from the beauty of nature and the joy and friendship of people.

Naturally, not every day is tremendously happy, but our thoughts determine what will happen and who were are.  Think positive and your world will increase in positivity.

People are drawn to happy and smiling faces.

Those who are most happy are those who count their blessings:  I can see – walk-talk- hear.

I have food, clothing, shelter and a safe environment.    I have clean water.

Ditch stress.  It has been called the “silent killer.”  If we live in the moment, we can eliminate the stress of the past – the baggage that we carry that should be put down.  The past is gone, but only lives on in your mind if you let it.

Don’t worry about the future.  By all means plan, but don’t “worry”.Unknownimages-6


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