Jan 152017

Don’t give racist Trump the numbers – skip the adjuration and watch it later.

Do watch, or better still, march with the women in Washington on the day after his inauguration.

How many people wished they had gone to Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington.”   That was a  time when there were fewer rights for women!


March with the Women:

     1) For the nation            

2) For minorities          

3) For the LGBTQI community

     4)For future generations    

 5) For poor women      

6) For Obama Care

     7) For rights for the Press       8) For yourself         9) For the elderly and their Health Care

10) For single parent families      11) For the disabled (including reporters!!!)

12) For peace    13) For unity  14) For those unable to attend   15)_ for homeless



(Helen Reddy)



REPORT: Three Times As Many Buses Booked For Anti-Trump Women’s March Than For Inauguration Day


Buzzfeed reports:

Three times as many bus parking permits have been requested for the Women’s March on Washington, DC, than for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, city councilman Charles Allen told BuzzFeed News.

As of Thursday, when Allen held a hearing to review inauguration preparations, 393 charter bus permits had been requested for the inauguration on Jan. 20. In comparison, a week before President Obama’s inauguration in 2012, about 900 bus permits had been requested.

Allen, who serves as chairman of the Council’s Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety, said all1,200 available charter bus parking spaces at RFK Stadium, the city’s largest bus parking area, have been filled for the Women’s March on Jan. 21.

“While the demand for bus parking seems significantly less than for previous inaugurations, the District is well prepared and will be ready for all visitors and guests making their way here,” Allen said.

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