May 272013

Don’t Force Lesbian Women to Live Apart!

Don't Force Lesbian Women to Live Apart!

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Carolyn Compton has been in a relationship with her partner, Page Price, for three years. She has custody of her children, but may lose them to her ex-husband even though he is not very involved in their lives much and was even charged with stalking her.

Texas Judge John Roach put a “morality clause” in the divorce papers of Compton. This prohibits her from having anyone she isn’t related to at her house when her children are there past 9 PM. Because LGBT couples can’t get married in Texas, Compton has to choose between having custody of her children or living with the love of her life.

Judge Roach gave Price 30 days to move out. Although Compton can appeal, it’s to an extremely conservative court. As a Texas citizen, I’m very concerned that these women are being treated like second-class citizens and aren’t even allowed their basic freedoms because of who they are! Please tell Roach — don’t force these women to live apart!

Paula adding a comment:

There is a story in the Old Testament of two women giving birth to sons.  One of the sons dies and the non-mother claims the living baby belong to her.  Both mothers are brought before Solomon (said to be the wisest man in the Old Testament).  Solomon takes a sword and tell both women that he will kill the baby since he is unaware of whom the child belongs to.   The non-mother tells him to proceed, but the real mother would sooner give HER child to another woman than to have him killed.  Solomon knows the genuine love of a mother.

In a similar way, Judge John Roach of Texas, is holding a sword over Carolyn’s partner, Page.  He is asking her to choose between Page and her children.  Nodoubt, Carolyn as mother of her children will probably choose her children over Page.  But, why must this judge act without wisdom and in such a cruel manner?  Statistics have shown, time and time again, that love nourishes children, regardless of whether they are raised by heterosexual or homosexual parents.  Please sign and help prevent Carolyn’s terrible and heart-breaking decision.  Justice must prevail, otherwise, the saying “The Law is an Ass,” will prevail.  Thanks. Paula.

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