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images-3Paula here. Donald Trump is successful.   He took a million dollar cheque from his father and with hard, hard work and business transactions, turned himself into a billionaire.   Donald Trump like other billionaires, Kings and Queens, Tyrants and ordinary factory workers, have one thing in common – all will die.  That’s why I like to think of death as the great leveler.   Maybe you will be remembered after your death, but what will be remembered.   Many great humans have conquered countries but many remain unremembered.  Humans, with free will, are able to stamp their thoughts on these great persons.  Some will admire the strong army, brute like strength of warriors, while others see a simple woman like Mother Theresa as a heroine who served quietly and humbly in the squalor of Calcutta.

We Down Play Our Greatness

Most of us feel that we are in the “shadows” of other’s greatness.  We do not see our lives as unique and sacred and meaningful.  Mass media presents us with  great stories of “rags to riches” of Helen Keller who got a degree and lectured without eye sight and hearing.   We look at Donald Trump and say “Wow” he is a man with billions – three wives later – and lots of nice kids.

Does Donald Trump Trust Love?

Donald Trump has always advised (the world, I guess) that ‘women” are basically ‘gold diggers.’  He advises the necessity of women signing prenuptial agreements.  Nothing wrong with that.  But inspire of al the wealth he has, Donald can never know about his wives (3).   He has been with Melania for 18 years, but it seems, from the pictures on magazines that she had to go through his idea of ‘sexual hot model like women’ who he raised high and in Melania’s case married.  I am glad he had been with Melania for 18 years and they have a son ‘Baron.’

What is the level of Trump’s Calibrating Level?images-14 810-1 810-3

You may have to look this topic.   There is an energy field connected with human emotions…numbers are given to emotions (fear, hate , judgement, jealous, reprisal,  and numbers are added.  Hitler was around 130 vibrations and Winston Church Hill was about 500.    Great scientist who wanted to uplift and help humanity come in  the 400-500 levels of calibrated energy.

The number of 200 calibrations is given to people who know there is something better (God) or (ideas) that can move the individual forward.   This is a person that states I want to move out of the thinking where certain people are dehumanized, second class – sinful persons – and get to a lever of tolerance, education and acceptance.

Trump has to recognize that his spiritual vibrations go down each time he lies, or has devalued thought of certain humans or situations.     This can only reduce him to an unfulfilled man where billions isn’t making him happy.

What Makes You Happy, Successful or Spiritually fulfilled

In our search for ‘Enlightenment” or to enter, live and think in the world of spirituality, it seems that no one will greet our ego.  Donald Trump gives away his fortune and changes the lives of people in the slums or gets kids educated.    If he puts 100 per cent into this vision, off will come his TRUMP names on buildings and he and his staff may be working in a “Non-Trump” building.   If Trump ever made this move, it would be on a higher spiritual move where he saw his riches and hard work as being a gift from God.”  At this point, ego would exist the field and a humility to serve other would kick into place.  Donald would retire from the spotlight.  Any adrenalin from taking over companies or winning over rivals would be replaced by a group of people thinking how can WE get this done?   Trump could involve his children into charitable challenges.  Now, this DOES NOT mean that the Donald does not continue to make great real estate deals and provide jobs.   It can be a win-win situation.

Trump and His Low Vibrations

Many figures of history had been classified with many level of vibration – calibrations.  Low calibrations are associated with hatred, fear, injustice, ignorance etc.

Trump judged on non-spiritual values would succeed as a billionaire with riches beyond compare, children from different beautiful wives.   He scores high on life’s calibration, but low on spiritual/truly human callibrations

Trump, in my opinion, is a man who enjoyed the fights ant struggles that got him to be a billionaire.  It is my intuitive mind that Donald is a soul “that is empty of happiness and purpose.”

His ego is pushing him  towards  history as a President of America.  That would be a good position where he could help the poor, unite the American people, forge peace between nations, but Trump has brought with him – low-level calibration that will not help the American people.

Low calibration:  hate and fear, anger towards others, distrust of others, demeaning women, name calling of opponents,  Miss Universe/Miss USA where he personally picks women;  demeaning of women by name calling famous women.   Low calibrations are when the ego takes over and you state, “I know More Than the Generals.”   Low sexual calibration record things Trump has said about his daughter.   Stirring up people against people is a low calibration.

Trump is now 70.    He needs to know about calibration and how it affects the spiritual soul.  He needs to regroup with his family, like Bill and Belinda Gates, Warren Buffett and others, and think of money as a gift from God( only an ego says I did it all by myself.)

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