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Ben Moore is comforted in the final days of his dying  by his loving friend - the dog- Denali.

Ben Moore is comforted in the final days of his dying by his loving friend – the dog- Denali.

The Video in on Yahoo for June 13, 2015.  For those of us who love dogs and know their kind hearts, we can say a ‘thank you’ for the fact that they are ‘gifts’ to humans.  paula.

The dog’s name is Denali and here is the meaning of the name:

Denali is the name that Alaskan Indian tribes gave to Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, and it means “the high one.”   This dog (like all dogs) are, in my opinion, “spiritually high.”  If humans could give unconditional love like dogs – we would also spiral higher in the spiritual realms. paula.

This Writing is from Yahoo.

From the highs of surfing, camping and road trips, to the lows of cancer and deciding when it’s time to let go – this photographer and his dog stood side-by-side through it all.

Ben Moon uses snippets of old photographs and moving shots to recall the times that the two shared together over the last 14 years – but from his dog, Denali’s, perspective.

The video begins on a sombre note, with Moon – as Denali – saying: “I’m pretty sure Ben knows I’m dying. I’m not sure if it’s the cancer or something else, but he’s been taking me to all the places we use to go and checking on me a lot.”

“The other day he asked me to let him know when I was ready to go. He said he didn’t want me to suffer.”

The almost-eight-minute long video goes on to chronicle the lovely trips the two had gone on together and all of the fun they shared during their inseparable journey.

The times weren’t all happy, however, as he expands on the difficult moments they had including Moon’s bout with stage three colorectal cancer; losing his insurance; and Denali also developing cancer.

“My last night was really peaceful,” Moon says in the voice of Denali. “I wasn’t hungry anymore, so I let Ben know it was time. And he let me sleep on his chest all night.”

Moon closes the film by suggesting humans can learn a lot from their four-legged friends:

“When someone you love walks through the door – even if it happens five times a day – you should go totally insane with joy.”

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