Aug 122015

After nearly four years in a shelter, confined to a cage, this pup is finally breaking free.

It all started at a Middletown Humane Society in New York State when a volunteer was asked to take out the dog in the corner cage that “barked so much.” Danyell Hopper remembers being very nervous.

After all, Mira – the eight-year-old pup – had been there for more than three years and made so much noise that Hopper was certain “that’s why she hadn’t been adopted yet.”

But after spending some one-on-one time with Mira, Hopper’s began to witness a loving side to Mira that had gone unnoticed.

“I remember sitting there, so scared of the dog who probably weighed more than I did,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“But she laid [sic] down next to me and rolled on her back for a belly rub.”

Mira went on to play until she was so pooped that she lied across Hopper as if she were a lapdog.

“It surprised me when I looked at her in that moment, because I remember thinking, ‘this is why you haven’t been adopted yet; because nobody takes the time to get to see this side of you.’”

When Hopper took her back in, she was crushed when she noticed that Mira knew exactly which cage was hers.

“That was the day I met the real Mira: the Mira who thinks she’s still a puppy, who wants a bed of her own and toys she doesn’t have to share, who wants a family to love her and give her the life she never had.”

But most of all, “the Mira who wishes people would take the time to see the real her.”

And so, Hopper made it her mission to find the loveable pup a forever home.

After the Facebook post began making waves onlinet, it soon reached Jonathan Fayden and Victoria Cassesi-Fayden, The Huffington Post reports.

The couple from Chester, New York, were so moved by the story that they decided to give the shelter a visit.

“I had asked the wife if Mira was everything she had thought she’d be. And when she said, ‘No, she’s so much more,’ I knew they were the ones,” Hopper told The Huffington Post.

After being in the shelter for three years and eleven months, Mira found her home.

Mira, whose tail wiggles with excitement every day and loves car rides, has “her toys, a bed, and sometimes a couch to sleep on, which she loves to do,” Fayden said.

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