Jan 142017

This may or may not be true – but rumour has it that certain Right-Wing Christian doctors are abandoning modern medicine and posting signs of “Leviticus Medicine Practised Here.”

Many right-wing Christians enjoy quoting Leviticus 19:  “A Man shall not Lie With a Man.”  They really like this one abomination and place it above all other 99 or so abominations.  For some unknown reason the abomination of divorce is never mentioned.  Try getting images for divorce – you get consolation words and images.  Try getting images for homosexuality – they quote and they show hell fire.  Both homosexuality and divorce are equal abominations according to the Bible.

Recently in January 27, 2017 Kate Burrell singer and right-wing pastor called homosexuals by a number of names: perverts, abominations, etc. etc.

Leviticus Medicine Practised Here.

In order to line-up with the homosexual abomination and its scientific mandate, right-wing doctors will not use chemotherapy, do by-pass operations, remove cataracts, save premature babies or do any operations!  The odd leg or arm may be cut off using a Leviticus styled sword and lots of fermented wine.

You Can’t Have it Both Ways!

Leviticus medicine


Modern Christian physicians acknowledge that God has continued to give mankind knowledge in all areas of technology and science.  Yet, when it comes to medical professionals in the psychiatric and psychological realm, homosexuality still is branded by 3,500 ignorance.   In March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association consisting of 182 countries wrote to the U.N and world leaders.  The declared that homosexuality cannot be changed and therefore is NOT a choice.  Would they go to a doctor practising 3,500 year old medicine – no they would tell you that God has blessed doctors and scientists with ongoing wisdom and revelation.  When people hate others – they hate God.

God and Technology

Modern travel thanks to God giving technology to mankind

Leviticus technology

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