Sep 232017

This is the first time Disney Junior has depicted a same-sex couple

WATCH: Portia de Rossi and Wanda Sykes play animated couple in Disney show Doc McStuffins
Inter-Racial Lesbians!   The Shame!
Many right-wing Evangelical “Christians” harbour racist views.  This show shoes an inter-racial couple of lesbians.   It must irk those racist and homophobes to see children being loved.  These unChristians hate to see that a lesbian inter-racial family is represented as a “normal” loving family.  How dare these inter-racial lesbians live ‘family values!”  Keep those “Christian” kids away – we must brain-wash them to think that this kind of love is ‘sinful.’   These “One Million Moms” do not want their kids to approve kids in their class having two moms or two dads.  “Block your ears,” say the OMM, “when they tell you that they had a great picnic, went to the zoo, or celebrated a birthday party.”   And I am sure, these poor brain-washed kids will be told not to play with “such kids.”
The Progressive Show
The idea of education is to promote an understanding of the world as it exists. This is not the first time the show has received praise for its progressiveness. Since its inception, it has been applauded for its black female protagonist who repairs broken toys.

In ‘The Emergency Plan,’ Rossi and Sykes play two toy moms who are separated from their children when a toy dragon causes an earthquake.

‘You learn a very valuable lesson because an earthquake happens,’ Sykes says. In the episode, Doc McStuffins teaches the family (and audience) to have a plan in case of emergencies or disasters.

Sykes is also a self-confessed fan of the show. ‘My kids, they watch the show. With this episode, they see a family that looks like our family. We’re two moms, we have two kids. It’s going to be very exciting for them to see that.’

It’s the first time a Disney Junior show has depicted a same-sex couple.

The episode has been earning fans all across the internet. However, not everyone is pleased. The group One Million Moms is calling for a boycott of the series because of this episode.

Watch some clips for yourself below and see just how cute it is.

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