Oct 262013

0000122266-repubi002-004DO REPUBICANS HATE EVERYONE?

The Institute for Sane Humans recently conducted a survey amongst right wing Republicans  iving in the U.S.A with demographics best described as: up and down and sideways below the 49th Parallel of Canada.   I, Paula Key, have listed the study below.

Seventeenth generation southerner, Samuel G.T.K Puffup III, was adamant about the disgrace of having poor in his nation.  “Send them to Canada where that Commie country with its bleeding liberals and Nazi politicans can give them food stamps or feed them whale blubber.”

The Institute stopped Imelda Church as she came out of an Evangelical gathering of like-minded beings.  “The Pastor, God bless him, knew the sin.  Now, we give me money to change the sinners.  Why, God bless him, he takes out ads to expose the Gay Agenda.  I suggest shipping all homosexuals and those men in women’s clothes to Canada.  That Communist country allows homosexuals to get married.  So, if we round them gays up and ship them by train some kind liberal democrat or whatever their politicians are called can welcome them with open arms.

At the supermarket, The Institute came upon a fight between squabbling seniors.

A well-dressed elderly woman (WDW) was shaking her cane at a clean but poorer dressed woman.  (PDW)

The well-dressed senior was indignant.

WDW: “I told that woman, I needed the cat food.  Here she is taking the last ten cans.”

PDW: “It supplements my food bills when I run out of money for heating my room.”

WDW: “You would put your room over my living cat! How selfish of you.  Go to Canada.  It’s a welfare state that looks after people like you.  I’m old, but I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, put money into a retirement home, finally sold the three rental units given to me by my parents.  What have you done?

PDW:  Now, I recognize you.  I’ve seen you in church.   You spoke about voting against universal health care.

WDW:  Yes, I’m proud to say I did.   Jesus said, “the poor are always with you.” And my parents always said to the servants, ‘God helps those who help themselves.”

paula’s comments:

Now, this has been written with a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ attitude, but Republicans often lambast Canada (my country) with all sorts of labels, some of which contradict one another.  We are:  Communist, Nazi, Liberals, Heathens, etc.etc.

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