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This is a blog from my children’s site http://childrenandteensstoriestomotivateandinspire. As a child, I never played with dolls.  I took a teddy bear to bed.  I played boys’ games.  I played soccer, cricket and baseball with the boys.  I was a Tom-boy.  I loved that life.   My point in writing this blog for kids is to point out that Barbie dolls have changed over the years.  I want kids to know that girls and boys can play with dolls.  I want girls to know that being ‘tomboy’ is o.k, too.   I want to point out that differences of skin, clothing, dress and our basic natures is good for our growth.  We need to celebrate and learn from differences.   Please pass copy and paste this blog or give a link to others.  paula.

Your Mom, Grandma & Great Grandma and Barbie Dolls

I don’t know your name, so if you are a girl, I’ll call you Suzie.  I will name your mom (Lisa), grandma (Cathy) and great grandma (Mary)  I am telling a make-believe story of how these older people may have played with Barbie Dolls.  These dolls would have been made when all of these people were kids.

Suzie, I’m going to pretend that you were born in 2010 and that you are now 7 years of age.  Here are the Barbies that were made since you have been born.

Barbie Dolls from 2002-2015

Now, lets go back to  1950 when your great grandmother (Mary)was born.  She may have played with these Barbie dolls.

Great grandmother might have played with these Barbies

Great Grandma, Mary, gave birth to your grandmother, Cathy in 1975.    From 1975, Grandma, Cathy, may have played with these Barbie dolls.

Now, let’s get ready for the birth of your mother, Lisa in 1995.    Of course, your mom may have played with older Barbies, but these are the Barbies that came out as your mom was growing.


For many years, parents and others complained that Barbie dolls did not look at MOST children.  They mostly had blond hair and blue eyes.  It was hard for children with different skin colours or different eye colours to see themselves and others like them in the Barbie dolls. The last sets of Barbies look like other kids – but we still need MORE Barbie dolls that look like Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, African, Native American and other cultures.  We need Barbie dolls that have glasses and others that ride in wheelchairs.  What makes the world wonderful is that all humans are different.  They dress differently and have different foods.  We can learn a lot from people who are different to us.


And it is possible that some of your grandparents or your mom might have preferred teddy bears to dolls.  I did.   I also liked to play sports instead of playing with dolls.  I joined my friends, who were mostly boys, in making lego things.   I knew some boys who lived to play with dolls and that was o.k with us.   We were kind to one another and we never thought of bullying someone.

We need to celebrate differences.  “Wow, that’s cool” is what should be said when someone dresses, eats or plays differently to us.


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