Jun 152015
The LGBTI community are the brightest stars in Russia

The LGBTI community are the brightest stars in Russia

Hateful homophobe Scott Lively - doesn't he look like the Patriarch?

The Stalin Calendar and Lively

Hateful Patriarch uses morality instead of love which is Christ-like.

Lively(in picture) went to Russia and was interviewed with the head of the Russian Church.  Both joined forces in their hatred of the Russian LGBTI community.  Lively claims that he was part of the successful push to have the hateful LGBTI laws passed through the Russian parliament.  One of the church’s most fervent members is Vitaly N                      who planned and rammed through these laws.  The Patriarch and Lively claim to be “Moral” persons that want to punish gays for being born that way.  Is it moral to be hateful to another human being?


The Russian Church published a calendar on Stalin.   This was an unusual move because Stalin is known to have murdered over 20 million people during his reign of terror.  He orchestrated a famine that took grain/wheat from Ukraine and let 7 million men/women/children die.   Is this MORAL?

Lively the Father of Lies

Lively has published a book “The Pink Swastika” and gave Pres. Putin a copy.  I am sure he also gave the Patriarch of the Russian Church a copy, too.  It is filled with lies.  Lively claims Hitler allowed homosexuals in his Gestapo and military units.  Yet, in a 1936 speech before the Jews were murdered, Hitler swore that no homosexual would be in his military establishment.

So, Lively is the Stalin calendar above your Pink Triangle book?   Hate has no boundaries.  Uganda has brought you to account for your hate, Rev. Lively, when you were in that country.  The world will watch as you are tried for “Crimes Against Humanity.”   Welcome to the Club, Lively: Putin, Stalin and all other haters.

Scott Lively: The Apocalypse Is Coming

Yesterday, Right Wing Watch featured Scott Lively and Rick Wiles waxing apocalyptically on Wiles radio show.  The essence is that September 23, 2015 is a pivotal date. On that day, the Antichrist (said personification of evil is said to be the leader of the “largest superpower in the world”) will pardon all the world’s debts and be hailed as the “hero of the world.” From there, the Antichrist will bring in the Apocalypse.

Lively then praises Vladimir Putin for his efforts to stifle free speech and association in Russia. Lively believes homosexuality is a tool of the Antichrist and a part of the great demonic plot to launch the reign of the Antichrist.

Here is what I don’t get. If these guys believe the evidence points to a September 23, 2015 beginning of the end, then why do they think their efforts matter? If September 15, 2015 is an appointment on God’s calendar, then who or what could change that? As this website reminds, the New Testament makes it clear that only God knows when the The End Time cometh. If these guys think the fireworks begin on 9.15.15, then shouldn’t they just get out of the way?

There are other problems with their scenario. The description of the Antichrist sounds like either Obama or Xi Jinping. Although I lean toward Obama as Lively’s mystery AC, I wonder if Lively means Xi because China could forgive a lot of debt. I don’t know how Obama forgives debt since we owe so much.

In any case, with Lively all roads lead to Gay. Gays are the ruination of the world and for reasons not totally clear to me, nations of the world need to deprive certain citizens of their rights. As noted above, I am not sure how that is going to help since these guys have the times and the seasons all figured out. Maybe Lively thinks he can prevent the Apocalypse or push it back a little.

It is distressing to think that Lively’s single-minded efforts are driven by  eschatology gone awry.


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