Oct 042013

Diana King, the talented Jamaican born “reggae-fusion” singer=songwriter reveals that she always knew that she was a lesbian.  She looks back on her forty years and is angry and saddened by the homophobic attitudes of Jamaicans.

She remembers holding hands with one of her sisters as a young child, but as they approached their teens, people became angry if they held hands.diana_king_wallpaper_6

She relates a very sad story.  When she was eight years old, her best friend would let her sit on the handlebars on her bike.  The problem lay in the fact that this friend looked like a boy.  It was with horror that she learned that her friend had been beaten and repeatedly gang-raped.  It is of little wonder that Time Magazine called Jamaica “the most homophobic place on earth.”

Diana, like so many lesbians, tried to change her sexual orientation by getting married at age twenty-four.  She tried it for a year and became pregnant and gave birth to a son.  The agony of living this way led her to divorce her husband and live a single life with her son.  Her husband, son and herself maintained a good relationship.

Fast forward to the United States and Diana was in a seven year relationship with someone she loved. .  However, her Jamaican partner had to return home, but had her partner been a man, they would have married.

Diana King came out on Facebook this year.  She continues to sing and gets constant requests for her big hits:  Shy Guy and I Say a Little Prayer. 2013-03-07-224812_10151138129285373_1898612205_n

We wish Diana every happiness and congratulate her son for being so loving and open-minded about his mom’s sexual orientation.

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