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    Decorating an Apartment or Space Space with Tricks

Unless you are an artist, have an artistic friend or can afford an interior designer, most people need help with colours for apartment decorating.

Why?  Why not just pick your favourite colours and be done with it?

Why not pick ANY colour for small spaces

Colours convey warmth, coldness, health recovery, happiness, people-friendliness.  We may not be aware of them, but we feel and see them and react to them.  Too bright colours ‘trap’ people if they are in too small a space.  They ‘overcome’ but subtle colours are more relaxing and adding colourful pictures or cushions or a rug can bright up the space for special occasions.

Of course, free will gives you that choice, but remember that unless you are a hermit, people will visit you.  In this happens, then you should try create moods that do not make people want to barf, or become moody or never want to visit you again.  Do you know that hospital wards and prisons are now looking at colours in terms of healing and reducing the stress of inmates.

Colour Accessories – that are Easily Added or Taken Away

You may be a hyper type – whirling and twirling on a 24/7 basis, but at the end of the day – you may need to relax.  A house can offer more rooms for relaxing – more wake-up colours for studying – or a working mood for the kitchen.  Small apartments do not offer these features.  With careful thinking, accessories such as rugs, moveable paintings, and cushions can be added or removed to create different feelings/moods. etc.

If you have a small space, picking the right colours can make the space  look and feel much bigger.  And according to designers, you can paint small room in colours other than white!  (Who knew?)

The Top Four Shades for Mellow Living

According to a number of ‘experts’ these colours can make a space space feel larger – the names are from the Benjamin Moore collection, but you can find them in other manufacturers’ products.


Look at these bedrooms, the dark bedroom walls can be offset with lighter pictures, lamps and bed pillows and duvets.


Gray and blue shades can help trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger than it is.   Painting the wall and trim the same colour, makes the ceilings appear to be taller.

Here are some interesting colours used in different situations. Most are gentle hues.

IGNORING SOFT COLOURS AND GOING FOR BOLD – Reds, Greys, White, Black and other combinations:

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