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Daniela was born in California in 1977.  This makes her a young 40 in 2017. She has extender the boundaries to include herself in such categories as musician, actress, street performer, improv actress and fire juggler.

She likes to stay free and move on.  Hence, it is impossible to state who she is dating or in a relationship in 2017.



You may remember Daniela Sea in her role as Max Sweeney on The L Word.  Daniela grew up in California, where her father came out as gay.  Her stepfather moved the family to Hawaii where Daniela enjoyed surfing.  At the age of 16, Daniela ran away to Hollywood where she joined bands and studied improv acting.

World Traveller.

Next, came travelling throughout Europe and Asia.  She earned her living through street theatre and performing as a fire juggler.  She lived in India disguised as a man for the period of 8 months.

About her Sexuality.

In an interview for a magazine, she stated:

But I…don’t believe that gender is just binary, and I never have, so that’s what pulls me to sometimes politically identify as a lesbian, because I’m a feminist, and I feel like women are still so suppressed. I don’t feel like we’ve come that far. But I also feel like there are people all along the spectrum, so in that sense, I feel like I would be more bisexual or just, you know, open-ended.”

Confidence that Led to a Role in the L Word.

Having a friend on the writing staff of the L Word encouraged Daniela to send in a recording tape.  She flew from New York to LA to audition. She got the role of Moira Sweeney that went with her androgynous looks.  During the run of the L Word, her role as Moira involved into her being a trans man who adopted the name of Max Sweeney.

Bitch – Her Girlfriend.

It seems that these two were an item for a while.

Bitch was part of Bitch and the Animal band.  Daniela toured with a band called The Thorns of Life from 2008-2009.

Screen Success.

In 2008, Daniela guest starred on an episode of Law & Order where she played a transgender boy.  She was also the lead in the film, The Casserole Club.  There are too many other parts that Daniela has played in movies and on television to list.  Let’s just say – that this woman is really, really attractive and mysterious.

2017 Who is Daniela Dating?


There are no clues – as far as I can find out. Here is a picture of Daniela when she was dating Betsy B.  Daniela seems to be a loner – an explorer, a person who likes to experiment with life.  Good luck to her.  paula.

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