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Rabbi Zvi Telsner

Rabbi Zvi Telsner

It thoroughly amazes me how so-called ‘educated’ people can be such dim wits.  I am also very disturbed when it is a religious man/woman who is serving a religious community.  Do these right-wing, orthodox people not read any information outside of their own religion.?  These religious bigots seem to have never opened a book on philosophy, anthropology, sociology or health issues.  Do they not research issues such as pedophilia and homosexuality and find out the latest medical writings.

Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre and Rabbi Zvi Telsner

The head rabbi of Melbourne’s Yeshivah Center has told an inquiry into the handling of child abuse complaints by institutions, that be believes it’s possible that pedophiles could be cured through counseling and spiritual guidance and that ‘the same thing could happen to someone who was gay’.  This Rabbi has not read the disturbing statistics that show any attempt to reverse homosexuality is dangerous to the person and does not work.  Exodus (a notorious reparative group closed its doors after twenty years and admitted that it did not succeed in “curing” one gay!
One Study the Rabbi Should Have Read

Homosexuality is not considered a mental disorder, so the American Psychological Association (APA) does not recommend “curing” same-sex attraction in any case. Instead, societal ignorance, prejudice and pressure to conform to heterosexual desires are the real dangers to gay people’s mental health, according to a 1997 statement on “conversion” or “reparative” therapy by the APA.

The best-quality studies were more recent and qualitative, the APA task force found, meaning they focused not on the statistical effectiveness of treatment, but of the subjective experience.

“These studies show that enduring change to an individual’s sexual orientation is uncommon,” the task force wrote in their 2009 report. The participants continued to report same-sex attractions after the conversion therapy, and were not significantly more attracted to the opposite gender.

These studies did find that conversion therapy could be harmful, however. Negative effects included “loss of sexual feeling, depression, suicidality and anxiety.”

 Pedophilia: Ask the Learned Rabbi Telsner.

Rabbi Telsner said of people who were sexually attracted to children, ‘There’s a certain belief that if someone for example after 20 or 25 years has not committed any offenses, and all of this time has gone to therapy, there would be a good possibility that person may have been able to change his way of life.’

‘If you see that over the last 20-odd years the person has been able to control themselves being amongst children, there would be a possibility that he is in control of himself.’

When asked if he believed that similar counseling and spiritual guidance would work for people who were sexually attracted to adults of the same-sex, Rabbi Telsner said ‘I would say the same thing can happen to someone who is gay, I would suspect.’

What Are You Hiding or Who Are You Hiding, Rabbi?

Rabbi Telsner is the head rabbi of Melbourne’s Yeshivah Center which continued to employ a sex offender for over 20 years after his victims reported that he had sexually abused them.

One of the mothers who reported that her son had been sexually abused claims a rabbi told her that he believed the perpetrator had been ‘cured’ since the incident and the questions were asked in that context.

All major health authorities in Australia oppose attempts to cure people of their adult same-sex attractions.


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