May 202017

Part 1:

There are times when in any relationship, it is prudent to take a trip away from your partner.  We decided that three days was not a long time for me to skip the easy housesitting and take off into the Outback.  I had been researching for my lesbian ebook, “Jo of the Outback” (now published on Amazon) and it seemed like a great opportunity to experience a different type of geography.

Several snippets of research interested me.

—Many people lived underground because of the intensity of the heat.

—-There was a tourist mail/postal route that crossed the ‘dog or dingo fence.’  Finished in 1885, the Dingo Fence stretches 5,614 km (3,488) miles.  It protected sheep from dingos and the other side cattle could graze and not be a source of food for Australia’s wild dogs.

—After crossing the dingo fence, the mail route would pass through Anna Creek Station which is the largest cattle station in the world.

The Mars Like Surroundings

I flew in from Adelaide passing over the salt lake Eyre and looking at the odd red dirt track that appeared now and again in this isolated and barren country.  As the small plane descended I was convinced that I was landing on the moon.

My first night was spent sleeping underground.  I wandered around the town and stopped into a Catholic Church which was also an underground cave.


Cober Pedy: The Opal Capital of the World

Many Europeans came to Cover Pedy to make a fortune and to return home and living like a king.  Perhaps, some did.  The graveyard is a reflection of some of these dreams.  Often, a castle wall is built around the grave.

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