Sep 112013


A new ad on television and u-tube got the attention of Australians.  A pregnant woman and her partner are waiting for the results of an ultra-sound.   Rather than being told of the gender of the baby, they are told of its sexual orientation.

A warm voice  gives them the results -“Congratulations, you’re having a lesbian!”

The Australian LGBT is gearing up its campaign for marriage equality in the wake that New Zealand passed the legislature a couple of months ago.  New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote, and the first country to grant an old age pension, albeit to men only.

On the island of Tasmania, Australians have launched their campaign theme of “Any child can be born gay.  So marriage equality is every family’s issue.”

Campaign creator Steve Minon, a Brisbane freelancer, said he designed the ad to “get people thinking, and challenge them a little”.

All ads for television and billboards has to get the approval of a censorship board.  This ad had two complaints.  The first stated that it ‘sexualized the unborn and just born,’ and the second stated that ‘many abortions would occur when couples realized that their child was a homosexual.”

The censorship board wisely ignored the two comments and approved of the ad.

Way to go Australia!   You’re ‘true blue’ and ‘fair dinkum to you all!”


p.s.  please don’t admonish me for the Aussie lingo.  These words are expressed on a limited basis, but I personally love them!

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