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The murderer with the Confederate flag

The murderer with the Confederate flag

ld avoid Confederate flag debate


Confederate Flag:  (South Carolina, June 22, 2015)

You are probably aware of the murder of nine members of a Baptist Bible Study Group in Charlestown, S. Carolina.

The killer is a young male white supremacist whose pictures of him and the Confederate flag have now surfaced.

The murderer with the Confederate flag

The murderer with the Confederate flag

The flag was flown by Confederate soldiers in the American civil war. It represented then and for years to come, the suppression of Afro-Americans. Many flew it during segregation as a symbol and message NOT to give Afro-Americans the vote or full rights to sit in “whites only” restarurants and toilets. Around the capital buildings are streets named for Confederate generals. Now, in June 2015, a crowd of 1,500 have protested for the flag’s removal.

Put Up the LGBT Flag

Why not put up the Rainbow flag? It represents tolerance, freedom, human rights and universality of humans that are born gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered persons, etc.  Of course, I write this “with tongue in cheek.”  You can bet that the majority of Confederate flag lovers – hate the rainbow flag just as much as they hate Afro-Americans.

It is my personal opinion that racism and homophobia are two sides of the ‘same coin’ of hatred towards other humans.  Many racisms and homophobes are evangelical Christians!

And to Afro-Americans – please think about the pain you felt when your fellow blacks were murdered recently.  This is what is happening to the LGBTI community in America and around the world.  The birth of a homosexual child NOW will most likely result in insults, humiliation, bullying – and- physical violence and murder.  Does this sound like your black/slave history?    Let us love one another.  Jesus has told us NOT to judge – and the Parable of the Good Samaritan – shows us that Jesus picked the most-hatred, the most unclean (Samaritan) and made him the hero over the two Jewish priests.  These priests knew the scriptures and used them to avoid “loving” their neighbours the Samaritans.

The Polls Regarding the Confederate Flag

The politics of the flag are complicated in South Carolina. A November poll from Winthrop University found that 73% of whites in the state want the flag to remain where it is. The same poll reported that 61% of blacks want it taken down.



Flag Proponents:

It’s a symbol of family and my ancestors who defended the state from invasion. It was about standing up to a central government,” said Chris Sullivan, who is a member of the Sons of the Confederacy. “The things that our ancestors fought for were not novel and they really are the same issues we have today.”

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