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Delaying the referendum until 2015, means that you’ll get 98% in favor of same-sex marriage. LOL.  My comment.Mail AttachmentUnknown-2

Republican Ireland will never vote that high when the referendum comes along, but year after year the votes go higher for same-sex marriage.  Scotland in February, 2014 became the 17th country to legalize same sex marriage.

Here is evidence that the numbers are going up for same-sex marriage.

2008………84% supported civil marriage or civil partnership

2009…..62%  supported complete same-sex  marriage and called for a referendum

2010…Irish Times interviewed 1,006 and 67% approved same-sex marriage.


2011…Sunday Times Poll showed 73% approved same-sex marriage

Can’t wait for 2015 – when all Irish LGBT persons can be legally wed (that’s if they want to get hitched)  paula.

Here’s something interesting taken from

HOMOSEXUALITY – While the evidence is scant there are some real pieces to give
us an understanding of the attitudes toward homosexual behavior. The first
evidence is the importance placed upon the warrior segment of the social
structure. Anthropologist have ascertained that homosexual behavior runs very
high amongst those societies with a strong warrior impulse. There is also the
brief statements by the Roman chroniclers which tell that it was common for
people of the same gender to share the same bed. This seems to be born out in
the story of CuChullain, (GREAT IRISH WARRIOR_as even these centuries latter, the redactors hand aside, there is still told of  the love of Cuchullain for Ferdiad and Cuchullian sharing the bed with Ferdiad.  Source: Gaelic Culture Home Page.

ferdia1 Unknown-5
It would seem that our ancestors had no particular concern with who people
had sexual relations with. Marriage unions were seen to be civil affairs. The
Brehon Law itself has as it’s main concern the progeny which come out of a
union. There is no prohibition against homosexual behavior specifically. Sexual
acts before a union were of no concern to the union, and any sexual partners
outside the union are by the evidence okay so long as such is acceptable to the
terms of the marriage contract.

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