Apr 042015

Winters in Canada can be severe with temperatures going down to 20-40C.  Even dogs and cats get their paws frozen.  Trust me, my wife Trish and I are constantly trying to escape them.  paula.

Keiko's adorable photo from the Halifax bus. (Facebook)Keiko’s adorable photo from the Halifax bus. (Facebook)
Halifax is in  the province of Nova Scotia.   This eastern Canadian province gets hit with many snow storms.  Our Canadian winters can start in October and last until April.

On Tuesday afternoon, Gerry O’Donnell welcomed an unlikely passenger onto her Halifax Transit No. 10 bus.

At a bus stop, the bus driver saw a passenger holding onto a 2-year-old husky which, moments earlier, had been dodging cars on a busy road. The passenger told O’Donnell that animal control was on its way.

“The passenger told me that the dog almost got hit by two cars and of course my heart sank,” O’Donnell, who owns two dogs, told the Chronicle Herald. “Huskies are runners and I knew she had probably made it out of her yard.”

The passenger needed to get to Halifax — and O’Donnell was certain animal control wouldn’t be there for a while — so O’Donnell “broke the golden rules” and allowed the husky, named Keiko, on to her bus.   WELL DONE.  Rules have to have a human content and in this case a doggie content, too.

“Keiko was as good as gold,” says O’Donnell.  “She just has a beautiful temperament.”

“I knew she was well taken care of and well loved and I just wanted her to get back home.”

At the end of her run, O’Donnell took a photo of the dog and shared it with the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network.

Within minutes, Paige Price, the dog’s owner, was found. A grateful Price picked Keiko up from O’Donnell’s home soon after.

Price spoke with the the Chronicle Herald that Keiko must have “leaped quite a distance” to escape her Dartmouth backyard. Price’s father had dug a trench beside the fence to keep the dog from using the deep snow as part of an escape route.

“Keiko, is a very energetic dog, said Price. “She’s gotten out before, but she came back.”

Now safe at home, Keiko has become a local star, thanks to O’Donnell’s viral pic of the dog.

paula:  We need good heart-warming stories.  Well, done Gerry.


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